UPS Drop Off Box Near Me: Find Closest Pickup Locations

UPS Drop Off Box Near Me: Find Closest Pickup Locations

Are you searching for how to find UPS drop off box near me then you are at right place my friend because in this article we will show you different method to locate UPS drop box near you?

UPS has approx. 40,000 drop boxes at different locations in the United States. So there are 99% chances that you will get the drop box near to you. What you have to do is just search, find and drop the package to deliver it. But you may find the question that how to find the nearest location of Dropbox? Then don?t worry just read the article below.

What is UPS Dropbox?

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UPS drop box is the facility which is used by customers to drop off or pick up the packages by the customer itself.

Features And Facilities Provided By UPS In The Form Of UPS Dropbox:

1. This facility accepts all of the locations and all levels of UPS service and helps us to find UPS near me.

2. It is available all time that is 24 hours even on weekends, Saturday?s and Sunday?s.

3. You will get the service of rescheduling your pick up any time before or later in case of emergency or any other parcel.

There are also some essential points and restrictions that you should know before dropping your parcel, and they are:

1. The packages that dropped in the Dropbox of UPS delivered to domestic locations and the international location.

2. You can fix the price of the parcel up to $ 500 for an individual package.

3. You will also be going to get all of the necessary and essential shipment or supply details at

your closest UPS drop box to your location.

4. The maximum size of your drop off the package is 16*13*13 inches.

Different Ways to find UPS Drop off Box Locations near me

There are two ways to find nearest UPS drop box location to you, and they are as follows.

1. Finding ups drop box by using map

It is one of the popular methods to find dropbox near you. This google map feature easily tracks your location with GPS and show you to the nearby UPS drop box location. It also shows you all of the nearest locations, and you have to select the best one and nearest to you. If you don?t know google map, then you will find this method time-consuming so to use this method you must be familiar with mapping system of Google. To do that follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Open the google map from your device or pc.

Step 2:

Now select your current location and in the search bar type ?UPS drop box near me.?

Step 3:

A list will open on the screen of your device with the details like name, complete address, contact number, ratings, directions, etc.

Step 4:

Now select the location you want to go and click on direction.

Step 5:

Follow the direction, and you will reach your desired location.

2. Find UPS store near me using a store locator

Another way of finding the nearest drop box location is by using UPS locator. For that follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

First, go to the following link to open UPS locator:

Step 2:

Enter the specific location to which you want to locate the nearest UPS drop box.

Step 3:

A list will show you on the screen of your device, which includes all UPS drop box and UPS centers of your search location.

Step 4:

Now, deselect all of the options with UPS center and then go to the search option.

Step 5:

Next, click on the search tab, and you will get all of the information regarding the nearest UPS drop box to you.

Step 6:

To get all of the information, click on the more info tab. The map will show you all of the information regarding your selected UPS Dropbox.


It is all about the information related to UPS dropbox near me. We hope this article is informative to you. If you find it helpful, then like it and share it. Thank you!

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