Update on most requested Plays.tv Features

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With Plays.tv shutting down this weekend, we wanted to give you a progress update on the most requested features. Special thanks to /u/Blakeness for writing a detailed post about it on reddit.

Remember: You only have until Sunday 12/15 to transfer your clips! Download the chrome extension to get started

While Medal normally limits uploads to 120 seconds at max, we?ve made an exception for Plays.tv imports, which will be stored at full length and original quality.

Over 30,000 videos have already been imported from lots of different games. It doesn?t just work on League of Legends!

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1. Full match recording

ETA: January in early access

We?ve determined that it?s feasible to do this with our current technology. I want to update everyone on why we chose to not add this in the past. From a technology perspective, it?s much easier to always have to worry about small video files moving around. When you are dealing with multiple large video files, the type of user-experience you have to build is different. For instance, you have to allow the option to bookmark, create smaller videos from the source video, and more. We?ve chosen to focus on being the leader in clips first, and that?s why you have not seen us do this before.

We also figured that most popular games have really good replay systems, and most of our users will reference those replays if they miss a good moment. We understand that on League of Legends this is not feasible, and are happy to update you that we have kicked off engineering work on full session recording.

The team will try to make time for this between January 2nd and January 12th. It will likely ship in early access as one of the next updates to the product after the holidays, so make sure you are in our early access build system.

An overwatch clip imported with our Chrome Extension

2. Bookmarking

ETA: January in Early Access

Full match recording will come with support for bookmarks in the same way you take clips today. Your hotkey will simply change to a means of marking the moment in the video, instead of taking the clip itself. We may give you an option to both bookmark and export a clip as well ? still exploring the exact user experience of this.

A League of Legends clip imported with our Chrome Extension

3. Stitching clips together

ETA: Not yet known

It is our aim to launch this together with full match recording, but our initial priority is to simply allow you to cut clips from your long-form session recordings. Medal is a short-form video platform and allowing longer content on the platform requires a different user experience. When we do launch this it will be called ?Montages?, and allow you to videos from groups of clips. Whether this becomes a part of our full match recording and bookmarking launch is not yet known and depends on how far we get with it in the first weeks of January.

A R6 clip imported with our Chrome Extension

4. Fine tuning:

ETA: Not yet known

We will look into removing the 1-second interval restriction on editing. For now, videos will be required to be under 120 seconds to prevent Medal from storing massive files that cost a lot of money to store.

5. League of Legends Integration

ETA: Not yet known

We are looking into being able to automatically add bookmarks based on key events in League of Legends. However, we will likely need support from the League of Legends developers on this. If you are a League of Legends developer reading this, please do reach out!

6. Shadowplay Integration

ETA: Not yet known

For safety reasons, we do not allow any external uploads from anyone. Once our safety features are strong enough to support this, we will allow this.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Medal community ? and please reach out with questions. We?re here to help at https://medal.tv/discord.



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