Understanding Twin Flame Runner Feelings

Understanding Twin Flame Runner Feelings

One of the hardest parts of the separation phase is trying to understand the twin flame runner feelings. When it seems so obvious to you it?s hard to figure out what the hell they?re thinking.

The problem is ? they probably couldn?t explain it if they tried.

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You might have heard the term ?soul shock? before. I like to explain it as heartbreak but just 1000x worse. It can feel like every moment brings so much hurt and pain that you don?t know how to handle it.

The moment your twin flame becomes a runner you are always going to experience this soul shock.

It hurts. More than any pain I know.

But it?s also entirely normal for the journey and it?s exactly what brings their return and the reunion phase.

If you?re dealing with the separation phase of your twin flame journey ? I suggest you consider getting a twin flames reading. This step of the journey can be tough. Not knowing how to find them, if you?re really with the right person, avoiding false twin flames and then what to do in order to achieve union.

No two twin flames journeys are exactly the same so sometimes some custom advice tailored to your current path can make a huge difference.

Is it True Your Twin Flame Runner Just Doesn?t Understand?

The answer here is it depends.

It could be that there exists physical challenges that are keeping both twins apart and the runner may understand and accept the Love the Chaser but the timing is wrong. The other partner may be married, with kids or even pregnant etc

I ran from Love at first and the connection because it was just too much for me to Understand, Embody and Accept. Being connected to someone that intimately left me ?naked? and very vunerable. I felt very Exposed.

No matter how much I was in denial, my soul was pulling at My Twin. Everything in me wanted Him! Just to feel connected to them. Sometimes I could wake up and the Connection was not strong, I would ?panic? because I did not want to loose him!

Some days seemed so Lonely and Empty but the connection to my Twin kept me at bay. Our connection pulled me out of the Dark Night of the Soul. It was a guiding Light.

It takes time and patience to understand the emotional chaos involved in the twin flame journey. This experience is way ahead of our ?normal? thinking and understanding.

The ?runner? and ?Chaser? are the same. Both situations show that there is Work needed to be done for more Healing. Focus on your end of the Connection. The more Doubt and confusion the Chaser has, the more Confused the ?Runner? will be. It takes 2 to Tangle!

The hardest part of the whole thing is you might understand what?s going on because you?re operating at a higher frequency. The twin flame runner is likely still looking at this from the context of a normal 3D relationship. They might not have even heard of 5D before and do you really want to be the one to try and explain that?

At some level they understand. The problem is they don?t know what to do with this information which is why they react the way they do. This doesn?t make the separation phase any easier of course but it?s important to remember that one thing.

It isn?t that they don?t feel the same thing. It?s that they don?t understand.

The runner experiences soul shock as well but in a very different way than the chaser does.

For the chaser, this is a highly emotional time. Anger and confusion reign as you see your twin flame burn your shared destiny and spiritual journey, seemingly without a thought your way. While you (the chaser) might be trying to express and understand them.

The runner usually handles things very differently. With anxiety, fear and a lack of understanding at the driving wheel, they tend to fall back to avoidance and go out of their way to deny their feelings.

You might be struggling to understand how the runner is feeling but the truth is ? they don?t understand it either.

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Is it true that the twin flame runner can’t accept or understand that they can’t be without their?

Answer (1 of 3): It depends on that person’s Emotional state and their Past Love history at the time of their Twin?



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