Ultimate OSRS Wyrm Slayer guide

Ultimate OSRS Wyrm Slayer guide

If you have managed to slay your way through a considerable amount of time in Old School RuneScape, then you may have gotten yourself up to a level high enough to take on the mighty Wyrms. If you are heading towards that, and you are currently climbing the levels and cashing in your OSRS Gold (Runescape Gold), then here is a handy guide of what you will need to know before taking on the illustrious OSRS Wyrms.

This guide will outline what you need to know about your enemy, including some key facts about the dungeon that you will be traveling to, as well as what stats and equipment that you should be taking with you to do battle with these slithering beasts.

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What are Wyrms?

Before taking on the OSRS Wyrm Slayer task, here?s a bit of background on the creatures. They are rather dastardly draconic creatures, who can be found inhabiting the lower levels of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. According to lore, they were an ancient race of dragons that were capable of leveling entire cities before eventually disappearing at some point following the God Wars. However, they have been resurrected by an unknown dragonkin, and the current form of the Wyrms is considered a reincarnated version of those who once dwelled and destroyed armies and all that surrounded them.

The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

This leads to the next question of how to get to Wyrms. What else you might like to know before taking on the OSRS Slayer task is a bit more about the dungeon that you will be heading to. The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon can be located in the northwest section of Zeah. The dungeon plays host to several creatures, so you will need to be well-prepared to take it on. The creatures of past and present include Hellhounds, Greater Demons, Fire Giants, as well as Drakes, Hydras, Sulphur Lizards, and of course, Wyrms.

Requirements for the Dungeon/Wyrms

Now that you have an idea of what to expect in terms of the dungeon and the creatures themselves, you are going to need to know what requirements there actually are to take on the dungeon itself. As far as the dungeon is concerned, you can reach it by heading to the fairy ring circle, which can be found around the bottom of the mountain.

However, keep in mind that the volcanic areas require players to have either boots of stone, granite boots, or boots of brimstone if they are to weather heat damage permeating from the dungeon. The only possible exception to this is if you have completed the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary. So if you have managed to do so, then you should be able to wear whatever footwear that suits your fancy. To take the fight to the OSRS Wyrms, you will need to be at level 62 Slayer.

What Equipment Should I Use to Fight Wyrms?

One of the most important facts regarding Wyrms is that they are vulnerable to Dragonbane weapons. With this in mind, you have a choice between two different weapons: the Dragon Hunter Crossbow or the Dragon Hunter Lance. These aren?t necessarily required to kill Wyrms in OSRS, but they are highly recommended due to the creature?s aversion to them. As previously mentioned, you will want to be wearing boots of stone or something similar to avoid further damage. On the subject of further damage, it might be prudent to take Poison and Venom immunity items with you, to go with your Magic Attack protection that we too mentioned earlier in this guide.

If you haven?t managed to find the Dragon Hunter Crossbow yet, then you can potentially get your hands on one as a possible reward for completing the Chambers of Xeric. If you do manage to find one, then you will need to have 65 Ranged level to equip it. Not only will they help you with Wyrms who are vulnerable to them, but there are also damage bonuses on certain other draconic monsters. If you have reached Slayer level 55, then you will be able to use Broad Bolts with the crossbow, which will come in handy.

If you opt for the Dragon Hunter Lance, then you can create it by using a Hydra Claw with a Zamorakian Hasta. This other one-handed Dragonbane weapon will require you to have level 70 Attack, and you will have needed to have completed areas of Barbarian Training, specifically the Fishing, Smithing, and Firemaking sections. As mentioned, you will need to have completed the Smithing aspect, so you will need to make sure that you have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to do so.

As with the crossbow, the Dragon Hunter Lance offers an increase in both accuracy and damage when taking on Draconian creatures including the Great Olm and Wyverns. This excludes revenant dragons and Elvarg, which also applies to the crossbow if you choose that particular option. The accuracy and damage can be multiplied with certain equipment such as the Slayer Helmet, and Void Knight equipment can also help with the increase.

However, one interesting choice to use could be the Zamorakian Hasta, which is the unevolved version of the Dragon Hunter Lance. Unlike the Lance, the Zamorakian Hasta has its own special attack which can be very effective. If you would like to take this option, then you will need to part with 300,000 coins on top of a Zamorakian spear to take to Otto God-blessed.

This weapon is considered to be the fastest Hasta that you can possibly obtain and is only second to the Ghrazi Rapier in terms of its effectiveness as a stabbing weapon. It is considered to be a popular weapon in the OSRS universe, as it also possesses devastating crush bonuses. As well as having this and its effectiveness at stabbing, it also has the highest possible defense bonuses when it comes to ranged, slash and stabbed for a one-handed weapon. It can be handy to use as well since you can equip a shield to go with it, which may be the difference between victory and defeat when it boils down to fighting the Wyrms.

What Combat Stats Should I have to Face the Wyrms?

As you will have noticed in this guide, there are certain levels of skill that you will need to be at if you are to wield the equipment and ultimately face the Wyrms. For a quick recap, you will need to be Slayer Level 62, and you?ll need Level 70 Attack to wield the Dragonbane weapon known as the Dragon Hunter Lance. If you opt for the other Dragonbane weapon, the Dragon Hunter Crossbow, you will need to have Level 65 Ranged.

With these stats in mind, your combat stats should be sitting at around Level 85 Attack, while your Defence, Ranged and Magic should be in the vicinity of Level 80. Combining this with a Strength Level of about 60, then you should be in a position to tackle the dungeon.

Fighting the Wyrms

When you do reach the Wyrms, you will notice them crawling around on the ground, but don?t let this fool you. After your initial attack, they will begin to levitate off the ground and begin their devastating counter. They will retaliate with a combination of Magic and Melee attacks, so a ranged attack approach is worth adopting here.

If you choose to fight from a distance, which you probably should, then it will lead to the Wyrms switching to a solely Magic approach of attack. To counter this, make sure to take precautions such as using Magic protection, Dragonhide (which offers high Magic defense), or even Protect from Magic, then you should be good to go. If you are at a point where you have gotten your defense level to a high enough stat, then you may be safe enough without having to use Magic protection, but it is always good to have it just in case you need it.

One popular tactic that you may have heard of when it comes to fighting Wyrms is called Safespotting. This method is used by many players, and it is extremely effective if you are using the Ranged method of attack. As you will notice, there are different-colored tiles on the floor of the dungeon where you fight the Wyrms. If you lure the Wyrm into one of the red tiles, then from there you can retreat back to one of the yellow tiles found on the floor. If you have chosen to use the Dragon Hunter Crossbow ahead of the Dragon Hunter Lance, then you will have a distinct advantage here. This is due to the Range capabilities of the crossbow, and by attacking the Wyrm from a yellow tile while the Wyrm is in the red tile, the Wyrm will be unable to attack you. Combining this with a crossbow set to rapid-fire is considered to be the best way of taking down these enemies, so I would strongly recommend that you do so here.

Having said that, if you do choose the Dragon Hunter Lance method, you can take down Wyrms as quickly as you can from Ranged ? given you are prepared enough. You will need to refer to the previous section on Combat stats. If you have stats in and around the mid-80s, then you will be more than capable of winning this fight, especially if you remember to take Magic protection with you also.

You may have considered the direction to cannon Wyrms, and throughout the dungeon, you will be able to use a dwarf multi cannon. Sadly, the cannon cannot be used in all areas of the dungeon, which includes the area where you will find the Wyrms. This is because it is often stated that the Wyrms? use of electricity renders the cannon obsolete, so this method is unfortunately out when killing Wyrms.

What Drops Can I expect to Receive From Wyrms?

If you want a completely comprehensive look at what drops you will receive from killing Wyrms, then I would strongly recommend searching Wyrm Drop Table OSRS. If you would like a quick look at what weapons you can expect to receive, read on.

As far as weapons are concerned, the possible drops from Wyrms include the Dragon Sword, Dragon Harpoon, Dragon Knife, Dragon Dagger, and Dragon Throwing Axe. There are also some Adamant weapons, including the Adamant Battleaxe, Adamant 2h Sword, and there?s armor such as the Adamant Shield. You could also get a couple of Rune items, including the Rune Battleaxe and the Rune Med Helm.

If you want to collect many Gems, you can do so when defeating Wyrms. There are several that can drop, as well as a selection of Runes and many Herbs and Seeds for you to get your hands on. For a full rundown, you should again refer to a drop table, but suffice to say, there?s plenty for you to get your hands on when taking on these pesky monsters. A common drop is Wyrm bones (now that a patch fixed them dropping regular bones) which should fetch you some OSRS Gold, which is never a bad thing!


To sum things up, like with any OSRS Slayer task, facing off against the Wyrms in the lower levels of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon can be a daunting one if you go in unprepared. Thankfully, there are several different approaches that you can take to overcome these monsters.

It is definitely worth your time getting your skills high enough, perhaps even surpassing those required to make sure that you have the upper hand. The use of Dragonbane weaponry can also be a difference-maker, especially if your stats aren?t particularly high in this situation. A Ranged method could prove to be your best bet, but it depends if it caters enough to your playstyle. Either way, it is worth your time investing in Old School Runescape Gold and the other items required for the tools that you will need. With that said; happy hunting!

This article is first published at video.runeum.com on January 2019 and updated on December 9, 2019.


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