Udemy vs Coursera vs Udacity vs Edx — Online Courses

Technology is always being applied in the areas of greatest relevance to our daily activities, seeking to benefit us mainly in the following ways:

Save us time on extensive tasks

Make elevations and practical tasks that require physical strength or are too complex

Allow us to save money by performing high cost tasks involved

Increase our comfort and autonomy when managing general tasks

It is therefore not surprising that more and more platforms are being accessed that benefit from technological resources to facilitate the experience of access to education. The so-called Distance Learning platforms (ODL) have been increasing noticeably in recent years, with increasing choice of courses and resources to make the experience rich and complete.

There are different platforms that focus on vocational training and resources to facilitate teaching through distance learning methodology. Each with its own specificities, addressing contents of different niches and levels of expertise. Among them, some of the most popular and relevant are as follows:





Below are the key features about Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, and Edx so you know which platform best suits your needs and profile.

What is Coursera?

The Coursera is an American company that offers online courses. At Coursera, there are both free and paid courses. For free courses, which are already highly qualified in terms of content and relevance, you have to pay for the certificate issuance, while for private courses the tuition and certificate issuance are already included in the tuition fee.

One of the main features of Coursera is the fact that its courses are mainly distributed in partnership with renowned higher education institutions, such as:

? Duke University

? Stanford

? UC San Diego

? Johns Hopkins University

? Imperial College London

? University of Virginia



Because of this, Coursera is one of the main platforms for those who want vocational courses with academic and professional validity. It is also worth noting that many of the courses available on the Coursera platform are part of the so-called Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), so many of these courses are free and extremely qualified, with only the issuance fee being charged. of certificates.

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What is Udemy

The Udemy is a distance education learning platform , created in 2009 by Eren Bali in collaboration with Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar. Udemy?s purpose is to be an open course platform that facilitates student access, as well as an opportunity for qualified professionals to create free courses to distribute privately with confidence. Because of its coverage, the platform today has over 100,000 courses available.

In short, Udemy manages courses in different niches, level of expertise, languages ??and duration. The creator should only own the copyright of the content offered, being responsible for the authenticity of the information provided in the course.

Udemy is a great platform for those who fall into one of the following categories:

Person with remarkable knowledge who seeks to share this knowledge through video lessons and earn money through this activity.

Professionals used to lectures and workshops looking for a way to broaden their audience through the internet.

People seeking to learn specific techniques and activities to use on a daily basis and want to learn this technique through the internet, especially from professionals who are reference in the market and have made their courses available on the internet.

Academics and professionals in general who seek to undertake complementary activities with certification to increase the market value of their academic or professional curriculum, or simply to demonstrate the completion of activities considered complementary hours by the higher education institution.

It is important to remember that Udemy also offers certificates for the courses it offers on its platform, but these are the responsibility of the course creator offered. Thus, even though the certificates are legitimate and authentic enough to prove that the student has taken the course of interest, the impact and appreciation of this certificate on the academic market varies slightly from course to course.

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What is Udacity?

The Udacity is a for-profit institution that acts also promoting online teaching several courses and niche markets. Resulting from an innovative Stanford University experiment, Udacity was founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky.

In the experiment that gave rise to it, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig offered the ?Introduction to Artificial Intelligence? online course to anyone for free, and with the excellent reach and effective satisfaction of their teaching techniques, the platform began to invest in ever increasing resources and, so that it could subsidize such investment, it began to charge for some of its courses. Currently, the platform has courses involving:

Artificial intelligence

Blockchain Developer

Digital marketing


Robotic Software Engineering

Information Technology in general

The main strengths of the Udacity platform include:

Information technology market experience by the platform?s founding professionals

The quality of the resources that make up the teaching interface

The relevance and quality of the content transmitted during the classes of each course, given that the courses tend to be in areas of the same niche and that only qualified professionals can host their courses on the platform.

However, some people consider Udacity not to meet certain niches as negative, and the fact that the certificate is relevant only to work in very specific areas, as opposed to certificates issued by higher education institutions, such as when students take a degree. course through Coursera, for example.

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What is Edx?

The EDX is an educational platform created in partnership between two renowned institutions of higher education: Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Initially, only a few higher education and vocational courses were provided, all provided by the universities themselves that gave rise to the platform. But in recent years EdX creators have come to release the code so that independent teachers from different fields and higher education institutions could make their shorts available using all the technology and reach of the platform. There are currently even some free courses on the platform, including different areas of expertise, such as:

Language Courses


Information Technology

Computer Sciences

Data Analysis and Processing Sciences

Statistics techniques

All courses provide certificate upon completion, but not all courses are offered by Harvard University or MIT. Therefore, if your goal is to use the certificate in any selection process in the future, check exactly which course provider.

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Coursera vs Udemy vs Udacity vs Edx ? Which is Better

It?s hard to say precisely what is the best choice between Coursera, Udemy, Udacity and EdX . There are several things to consider, including your goal when taking an extension or vocational course and what your main criteria for considering the more or less assertive choice.

For example, if you are specifically looking for a course that is geared toward information technology, artificial intelligence or programming, you may find excellent options on the Udacity platform or even EdX. On the other hand, if you are looking for a platform where you can both find options to gain knowledge and share your knowledge through an online course and still make good money from it, surely Udemy is the best platform for you.

Finally, if you search take a course that adds value to your academic or professional curriculum, or even to enter the job market exerting a learned function or improved through online courses platforms, the Coursera is an excellent platform for you. It will not only allow you to gain applicable knowledge in the labor market but will also issue a certificate with the authority of a renowned higher education institution as all courses available on this platform are created and certified by renowned institutions.

Based on the information we discussed in this article, you will be able to safely choose the best learning platform for you that wants to update your knowledge or value your resume in the job market. So, evaluate the best platform for your goal and visit your site today so you can start a course that will allow you new professional and academic possibilities!

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