TWOT Meaning: What in the World Does the Useful Term “TWOT” Mean?

The acronym ?TWOT? is one that is used popularly on the internet and in text conversations. If you ever wanted to know all about this acronym , then you have come to the right place. Here you will discover the meaning of this acronym, the origin of the phrase associated with the acronym, and possible other meanings that may relate to this term in any form. You will also see the acronym used properly in example conversations and see some alternatives to use in place of ?twot? that convey an identical meaning.

TWOT Meaning

What Does TWOT Mean?

The acronym ?TWOT? is most commonly understood to mean the phrase ?total waste of time.? It is most often used as a comment on videos or photos by internet users who think their time could have been better spent doing something else rather than invest the time spent in watching or looking at the picture or video.

Origin of TWOT

The phrase ?that was a waste of time? has been used for years in regular offline communication when someone felt they invested time that could have been better spent elsewhere. With the dawn of the internet, some of the popular phrases that already existed were reduced to acronyms like ?twot? used to represent common phrases already spoken. These phrases were reduced to acronyms to make electronic communication easier, faster, and more convenient for users, while still allowing them to maintain a regular conversation. The exact year that the phrase first appeared and the acronym first appeared is unknown.

Other Meanings

According to user contributions of the Urban Dictionary, the acronym ?twot? can also be used as a stand-alone word for an alternate spelling of the insult ?twat.? ?Twat? is used to refer to a female?s vagina or can be used to describe a person who is useless and/or successfully getting on someone else?s nerves with their behavior.

Example Conversations

A text conversation between two friends.

Friend 1 : Hey, you need to watch this video (sends random link with the message)

Friend 2 : (replies after watching link) What was that?

Friend 1 : What? I thought it was funny!

Friend 2 : No, what that was, is a twot!

An online chat between two game players.

Player 1 : Did you play the game they featured in the PSN store yet?

Player 2 : Yeah, I downloaded it and played some yesterday.

Player 1 : What did you think? I was going to download and check it out today.

Player 2 : Don?t bother. I already deleted it. It was a TWOT!

Alternatives to ?TWOT?

There are several alternative ways you can say this acronym and still convey the same meaning. A few synonyms for this acronym include:

I could?ve spent my time better elsewhere

that was a waste

why did you waste my time with that

TWOT Meaning Infographic

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