Turn Your LinkedIn into a Beautiful Custom Resume with CakeResume

Turn Your LinkedIn into a Beautiful Custom Resume with CakeResume

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How can I convert my LinkedIn profile to a beautiful resume? Is there a useful tool for converting a LinkedIn profile into a resume?

Similar questions arise when we need a resume to apply for jobs when we have a LinkedIn profile.

In the digital era, most of us start building our personal brand online during the school time before we apply for jobs. We make a LinkedIn profile to connect with professionals, co-work open projects with others on GitHub, and build different kinds of portfolio on Dribbble, Medium and more.

CakeResume is an online resume builder that you can put all your online portfolio together in one place, and be able to custom it.

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Convert LinkedIn Profile to CakeResume Instantly

Since launching the CakeResume profile builder in January 2019, we have received a flood of questions asking when we can support a profile/resume import functionality. The CakeResume product team has been working hard to make it happen.

Now, you can easily convert your CV handy or LinkedIn profile to a CakeResume profile.

If you are new to CakeResume, please follow below instructions to build your CakeResume faster:

  1. Export your LinkedIn profile into a PDF resume or prepare your recent CV first.
  2. Visit this link (https://www.cakeresume.com/welcome) to start importing your file.

And it?s done! ?

*Be aware that, if you have already got a CakeResume profile, repeat the 2nd step will overwrite your recent profile.

Image for postImporting LinkedIn profile into CakeResumeImage for postImporting recent resume PDF into CakeResume

After waiting for a very short time for converting, you will get a new CakeResume profile.

You can export your CakeResume profile into a resume and are able to use 50+ resume snippets for free to custom it. Hope you will enjoy it. ?

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