‘s Passport Photo Tool not working! (I have a solution) ‘s Passport Photo Tool not working! (I have a solution)


Properly Loading Photo Tool pages

For the more patient readers ?

So, I was creating the passport photo for my kids and wanted to validate the passport picture I had with the site?s Passport Photo Tool. It seemed to be a good way to check if the picture was a good candidate for print.

However, when I clicked the ?START PHOTO TOOL? button, instead of the page loading the passport tool and showing up like below –

Image for postProperly loaded Passport Photo Tool

I got to see some file download, like below ?

Image for postDownload prompt instead of loading the photo tool in the Chrome Browser

Note that I am working on a Mac with Chrome as the default browser. YMMV.

Then I realized that I am not going to be able to use the passport photo tool this way. So, I quickly created a simple ?photo_tool.html? page as shown below for helping with the situation.

and based on user feedback from Bams Kamm containing WTF?s, I had put in some more effort to host the above HTML page for helping non-tech folks.

Go to the below link and you should be able to use the passport photo tool.

NOTE: Once you open the below link, you should see a warning that says ? ?Click to enable flash?. Click on it and you should see the passport photo tool in action.Good luck!

Properly Loading Photo Tool pages

All that the above page does is to link to the ?passport photo tool? file from site to properly load on the page. I am NOT storing any of your data or your files. Everything that happens on the page once you go there is happening locally in your machine and the data is not going anywhere, unless the photo tool is sending some data back to!


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