Top Ten Color Guard Moves

You can help your routine shine with this top ten list. Many of the moves have multiple names; so therefore, you might have learned the move under a different name.

10. Windmill

The Windmill made number 10 on the list. This is one of the more simple moves in this list, but it is elegant when done properly. With this move, the majority of the time your right hand is on the pole while your left hand is on your side. With the lack of other movement, the performer needs to be as accurate with the movement and timing when completing this move.

9. Windmill Toss

The Windmill toss or Blue Devil made number 9 on the list. This is a step up from number 10 which this one includes a toss. With this move, the majority of the time your right hand is on the pole while your left hand is on your side. Your left hand is used to help catch the flag after being tossed.

8. Double Butterfly with Swing Flag

The Double Butterfly with swing flag made number 8 on the list. I have not got to use a swing flag before, but this video makes me really interested in trying to use a swing flag. Personally, I like when the two flags are opposite of each other.

7. Around the World

The Around the World made number 7 on the list. This move has three flag spins behind the person. This makes the person focus on hand coronation to make the move go smoothly. Personally, I like how the direction of the spins remain the same even when the direction of the flag differs.

6. Parallel Toss

The Parallel Toss made number 6 on the list. This move might be known as the Pizza Parallel. The person starts out with the flag parallel to the ground. This begin a toss with the only movement begin the flag and your arm, this makes the audience focus on the flag which adds pressure to make sure the performer to smoothly complete the Parallel Toss.

5.Helicopter Toss

The Helicopter Toss made number 5 on the list. I have performed the Helicopter, but I never did a Helicopter Toss that lands in my feet. This takes practice to catch the flag with your feet. This your be a move that is mostly likely used in a field routine not a parade performance.

4.Parachute Toss

The Parachute Toss made number 4 on the list. This one is one full spin and the second spin you throw it up high in the air. When throwing the flag in the air, the flag creates a loud noise making the audience this it takes quite a bit of power to toss it in the air which does not take as much as one would think.

3. Slingshot Toss

The Slingshot Toss made number 3 on the list. You use your right hand to ?slingshot? in the air. Then you catch it with both hands. I love the show that the flag makes when you have some power behind it. The loud noise makes the move feel more powerful and has a last effect on the audience.

2.Shade Toss

The Shade Toss made number 2 on the list. The flag does behind the head and gets tossed in front. This one is quite a bit body movement which causes the toss to seem more complex until the count is broken down.

  1. Star Toss

The Star Toss made number 1 on the list. This one has more leg movement compared to the rest. Personally, I have not seen this movement which might make this one very interesting to me. I would like to try this one. Personally, I like the way the move looks when the lady started it not facing me.

I would like to thank all the performers in the videos. Their videos help me decide my Top 10 color guard moves along with teaching other color guard performers and fans some moves.

Being in color guard for 4 years, it has taught me some moves, but not all that are out in the world. I learned more moves while watching the videos when creating my Top 10.

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