Top 7 Navigation and Mapping Software Development Companies

Top 7 Navigation and Mapping Software Development Companies

?Today?s high-tech automotive navigation systems are changing the face of the automotive industry and getting us closer to fully autonomous driving. Thanks to advances in automotive software development, self-driving cars are no longer futuristic.

Powering smart in-vehicle systems ? from GPS to ADAS ? navigation and mapping solutions make our roads safer and make the driving experience more convenient. Drivers increasingly thirst for premium in-car technology; positioning, routing, and guidance are becoming the most in-demand services in the automotive business.

Global OEMs, leading automakers, tech startups, and top navigation and mapping software development companies are teaming up to respond to the growing market demand and improve safety and comfort for drivers.

Many of the major automotive players tap into the industry-specific competencies of the best navigation software development companies. These companies have already made their mark on the global tech scene.


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Locations: Berlin (Germany); Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine); Krakow (Poland)

Founded: 2002

Company size: 1,500

A unique combination of cross-industry expertise, groundbreaking technology, and a commitment to deliver top-quality software sets Intellias apart as a leading innovative engineering company. With professionals seasoned in automotive, navigation and mapping, location-based services, and other related industries, Intellias provides solutions for some of the biggest names in the automotive and navigation fields.

Intellias has been repeatedly featured on the Global Outsourcing 100 List by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, has reached the Clutch Global Leaders List in 2018, and has been acknowledged by other reputable organizations.


For the past 17 years, Intellias has been providing automotive solutions to OEMs and Tier 1 vendors and has become the top Tier 2 supplier in Eastern Europe. The company develops mapping and navigation solutions for connected and driverless vehicles. Intellias projects have included a map rendering navigation service, a real-time open location platform, an ADAS for electric vehicles, map compilation and management software, car positioning software, and turn-by-turn and voice guidance systems.

Key clients: Siemens, Microsoft, Nokia, RTL Group.


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Location: Sunnyvale, California (USA)

Founded: 1978

Company size: 11,500

With over four decades on the market, Trimble, a maps and navigation development company, has made its name as an innovative provider of GNSS navigation software for a variety of domains: geospatial, construction, agriculture, transportation, mapping, government, and more. Trimble is consistently expanding its footprint in the automotive industry, offering top Tier 1 suppliers a broad selection of licensed GPS software products and map-matching algorithms for in-vehicle navigation and automotive telematics.


Trimble?s core competencies include positioning, 3D modeling, connectivity, data collection, processing, and analytics. From purpose-built applications to enterprise product offerings, Trimble?s unique positioning solutions allow users to collect rich, accurate data and transform it into intelligence to make informed decisions.

Key clients: Trade Service, ISE, Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd, Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, Tri-Tech, Towill, Inc.


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Locations: Santa Clara, California (USA), Berlin (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Incheon (South Korea)

Founded: 1999

Company size: 501?1,000

A leading provider of location-based and connected car services, Telenav has already provided automotive navigation systems for almost 20 million vehicles around the world, half of them being connected cars. Telenav developers have created a flexible and scalable location intelligence platform that enables some of the best automotive brands to deliver superior, personalized in-car navigation and ADAS experiences.


As a navigation software development company, Telenav focuses on satellite navigation, local search, mapping, automotive navigation, big data intelligence, personalized navigation, driverless vehicles, social driving, and location-targeted ads.

Key clients: GM, Ford, Opel, FCA, Toyota, Daimler, Lexus, AT&T


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Locations: Olathe, Kansas (USA), Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

Founded: 1989

Company size: 13,000+

Though best known as a GPS hardware vendor, Garmin is also an important contributor to GPS navigation software development. Their practical, innovative products find uses in automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, fitness, and wireless applications.


Garmin integrates a wide range of GPS technologies with wireless communications and application software to help drivers ensure accurate navigation. The company applies its mapping expertise to equip their GPS navigators with vector-based maps and provide map updates. Garmin also offers detailed road, topographic, and nautical maps, as well as a reliable fleet management platform to assist delivery providers in improving the customer response and optimizing fleet resources.

Key clients: BMW, Chrysler, Toyota, Volkswagen, Chaparral Boats, Cobalt Boats LLC, Groupe Beneteau, Ranger Tugs, Regal Marine Industries.


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Locations: Tokyo (Japan), Livermore, California (USA)

Founded: 1932

Company size: 1,001?5,000

As part of the global Japanese corporation, Topcon Positioning Systems is a US-based hardware and software development company. Topcon specializes in high-precision GNSS positioning technology for civil engineering, surveying, construction, agriculture, and geospatial applications.


Topcon has gained an international reputation as an expert in machine control, mobile mapping, optical technology, scanning, collaborative software systems, precision measurement, and workflow solutions. Topcon combines leading-edge GNSS, machine control systems, and other precision hardware with cloud-based data and site management applications to drive automation across the world?s largest industries.

Key clients: PowerGIS, Skynetwest, Colas GTOI, Walters Group, Skytec LLC, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


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Location: Calgary (Canada)

Founded: 1992

Company size: 350+

NovAtel is a well-recognized technology firm that designs and manufactures high-precision GPS and GNSS products and delivers world-class end-to-end software services for assured positioning. The company?s integrated solutions reinforce intelligent ecosystems in industries such as automotive, mobile mapping, precision agriculture, autonomous driving, and unmanned systems.


NovAtel builds products ranging from satellite receivers and antennas to positioning and navigation applications. Their software and hardware solutions are backed by a team of experienced customer support and design engineers. Through significant ongoing investment in researching radio frequency technologies, signal processing, and embedded solutions, NovAtel continues to cement its position as an industry pioneer.

Key clients: Hexagon AB


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Location: Bratislava (Slovakia)

Founded: 2004

Company size: 200

A startup that grew into a global brand, Sygic was the first navigation software development company to offer an automotive navigation app for iOS and the second to offer such an app for Android. With a focus on GPS software, Sygicdelivers professional mapping and navigation solutions for over 2,000 integration partners across various industries including automotive, location intelligence, fleet management, and smart mobility.


Focusing on navigation, routing, and optimization, Sygic debuted with the vision to create a navigation app to guide millions of users throughout the world. Today, the company?s hallmark product, Sygic GPS Navigation, operates in more than 30 languages, contains maps for 200 countries, and is trusted by over 200 million drivers.

Key clients: Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Bosch, Honda

The automotive industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and so is navigation and mapping software, giving rise to new possibilities: voice guidance systems, location intelligence, road data analytics, and a whole lot more. Global automotive brands can?t afford the luxury of underestimating the potential that maps and navigation development companies hold for their business.


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