Top 7 Best Public Discord Servers to Join

Top 7 Best Public Discord Servers to Join

Looking for a great server to join? Some inspiration for your own server? Simply curious? Well, then you?ve come to the right place. Here I have compiled a list of the top 7 best public Discord servers that I know.

Note that these are just my opinions as a highly active member of the Discord community & are by no means an official list. They are also in no order. I will also be listing only the strengths of these servers, which are what make them so great. Take of it what you will 🙂

Disclaimer: I will NOT be listing official servers like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, or other related servers. I will only be listing servers made by everyday regular people, not professional organizations.

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Frogs Dream World

Frogs Dream World is a global emote server that is a part of the Dream World network. Boasting over 30 global emotes (32 to be exact), it is one of the last standing global emote servers with over 20 emotes. Commonly referred to as ?globals?, globals are emotes that anyone can use all over Discord without nitro. The only condition is that you must be in the server that supplies those emotes. This is a server that is always shared when people ask for global emote servers.

Image for postTheir global emotes

Since Frogs Dream World (FDW) is a part of the dream network, you will find that it is interconnected with other communities such as Slippys Dream World or Skarz Dream World. You get to know one person in one server and you may unexpectedly spot them again in a completely different one. It is very likely to happen since there are over 150,000 people in FDW.

They had such a large influx of members that they had to purge nearly 1/4th of their member count to make room for new users. These emotes are in very high demand! This server is a must for people who collect global emotes. The server is centered around global emotes but that does not mean it is the only purpose of the server. Whenever the server is active it is an enjoyable place to spend time in and a great place to meet others. You can?t miss this one.



ChillZone is one of the most active topicless servers on Discord. A topicless server is a social server that does not revolve around a single topic. As of October 29th, over 14 million messages have been sent in the general channel alone. To put that number into perspective, the largest server on Discord, Fortnite, has only 4.4 million messages sent in its general channel. ChillZone (CZ) is a great place to go to if you want to meet new people & have a place to relax in when you?re bored. With over 40,000 members today, there are tons of guys & girls to interact with. The chat rarely dies & there are always people in the chat to converse with. Popular with many different age groups, CZ appeals to many kinds of people.

Image for postThis chat can be very fast at times

It is worth checking out to see if you like the vibe there. Very active servers attract & retain a lot of people for a reason! However, if this kind of chat isn?t your thing, then you can always take a look at their partners channels. Their partners category is basically a catalog of hundreds, if not thousands of different established servers that you can instantly join. Even if you aren?t a fan of this server, there is a good chance you can find a server you love through it!


Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs is a topicless emote server with over 100,000 members. The server is pleasantly organized & highly professional. It really is pleasing to people who appreciate organization & a fine eye to detail. Quantum Labs is another server that is active 24/7 with never ending conversation. There are always people to talk to, making it a highly popular server. Importantly, the server is also one of the last standing global emote servers with over 20 emotes.

Image for postTheir global emotes

Quantum Labs also offers a unique currency system. If you have enough, you can purchase Spotify Premium or a $20 Steam Card! If you are looking to join a mature and active community while also reaping the benefits of 20+ global emotes then this is the server for you.



The Daddy server is one of the most active servers on Discord. The server is a socializing server mainly based around voice channels. The most unique aspect of this server is that it is targeted towards users who enjoy speaking in voice channels. Offering 20+ voice channels that never die, the Daddy server is the best place to go to communicate with others through voice. At any given moment, there will usually be over 60 people total in their voice channels. This gives you a variety of different rooms to join with all sorts of different people. If you prefer to speak in text channels, that is great too, because their text chats also rarely die. In fact, over 9 million messages have been sent in their lounge in total. However, their voice channels are their main attraction. Here?s a sneak peek of their voice channels at 9 AM EST.

Image for postTheir voice channels

If that doesn?t give you an idea of how active their voice channels are, let me just say this. The voice channels never die. The Daddy server is basically the voice version of a chatroom, offering a truly unique experience. Similarly to ChillZone, their partners channel functions as a catalog for a variety of different servers. If you?re not satisfied with this server, you can always take a look through their partners section to find a server that suits you!


AnimeBase (WLA)

WLA is one of the largest anime communities on Discord. This is another server that is active all the time. If anime is your thing & you want to meet other people that share your interest, then this is a truly great place to be. Armed with ambitious & visionary owners, the server recently released plans of uniting anime fans from all over the web.

Image for postOne of the owners? most recent announcement

WLA also contains an interesting streaming feature that allows streamers to showcase their streams on the Discord. Innovative & ambitious, the owners intend to create the greatest possible server for anime fans. The server will soon reach 100,000 members, which hints at how large the anime community really is. WLA plans to create a great future for anime fans on the internet, & if you are into anime, you?d be making a mistake by not joining this server!


Slippys Dream World

Part of the Dream World server network, Slippys Dream World is a topicless global emote server that offers an active community AND 20+ themed emotes. If you?re active on Discord, there is a 99% chance you?ve seen someone use one of their emotes. See the image below to see some examples of what their themed emotes look like.

Image for postAll of their global emotes are Peepo related

These are highly popular & beloved global emotes. Slippys Dream World (SDW) is also always active with a variety of people to interact with. SDW recently hit 200,000 members, which is reaching the upper limit that a Discord server can currently handle. The demand is high for these emotes!

This is definitely another server to add to your list of communities to check out if you enjoy active servers as well. I mean, it hit the upper limit of members a server can handle for a reason right?


Weeb Empire

Weeb Empire is another very active server. This server is targeted towards anime fans. If you did not like WLA, then this server is definitely worth checking out. Taking it down a notch from the family-friendly atmosphere of WLA, Weeb Empire offers a more lenient space. Be aware, Weeb Empire includes two public NSFW categories. If that is your thing, great! If not, then perhaps this server should be avoided. The server has an active community with a general chat that is almost always alive. Their general channel contains about 3.6 million messages in total. If you?re a weeb & you?re looking for an active chat filled with other weebs, then join the 50,000 members at Weeb Empire! It is most certainly worth checking out & spending some time in to see if you?d like it.


Honorable Mention

The honorable mention goes out to Ping & Salar?s Emote List, a server specifically made to help people find more global emotes. Without global emote listing servers like these it?d be much harder to collect globals. Join this server if you?re interested in finding more emotes because it truly will make your life easier!



Discord is a great place to anonymously socialize. Discord offers the opportunity to meet & speak to thousands of people at your fingertips! However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right place. That is why I have compiled this list! Most of these servers share similar strenghs such as active communities, unique experiences & emotes that you can add to your emote arsenal. If you haven?t found the right community for you yet, don?t stop looking. Look through ChillZone & Daddy?s partner catalogs, look through front pages, ask friends for recommendations, & do not give up! It is worth all of the effort in the end. Thanks for reading!


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