Top 5 Covenants In Dark Souls Remastered

In Dark Souls Remastered, there are various covenants that you can join. These covenants are different factions that you can join, and they can influence the game differently, both online and offline. Depending on what you do in the game, it can mean there are some covenants that you can join, and some covenants that you cannot join.

Some of these covenants are for cooperative play and PVP invasions. Now let?s dive in and see the Top 5 Covenants In Dark Souls Remastered.

5th Place: Warrior Of Sunlight

In order to join the Warrior Of Sunlight Covenant, you will need a minimum stat requirement of 20 Faith. Join by going to the Sunlight Altar near the bonfire underneath the Hellkite Dragon in Undead Burg.

By joining this covenant, you can cooperate with online players full summon you until their world. You will help them take down enemies, and beat bosses. as a result of defeating a boss, you will be rewarded with a Sunlight Medal. By using this covenant item, you can get stronger miracles from the covenant.

4th Place: Path Of The Dragon

In order to join the Path of The Dragon Covenant, you will have to go to Ash Lake. Ashlake has tough it enemies to get past, especially the terrifying Black Hydra. Once you make it to the Everlasting Dragon at the end of the area, you can join the covenant by praying to it.

By joining this covenant, you can leave summon signs using the Dragon Eye. Once you?re summoned, you can have a one on one duel with the summoner. If you win, you?ll earn a Dragon Scale. You can earn the Dragon Head and Dragon Torso stones to transform into a dragon!

3rd Place: Blade Of The Darkmoon

In order to join this covenant, you?ll need the Darkmoon Seance Ring. You can find the ring in the Catacombs. Once you had the ring, go to the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire in Another Londo. You can speak to Gwyndolyn to join.

Once you join, you will be summoned into Dark Anor Londo to invade sinners, if you have on the covenant ring, the Darkmoon Blade covenant ring. You can also use Blue Eye Stone to search for sinners.

Upon defeating the indicted players, you?ll be rewarded with a covenant item called Souvenir of Reprisal. You can turn these in, and eventually get the miracle called Darkmoon Blade.

2nd Place: Forest Hunter

Once you make it to Undead Parish, continue down to Darkroot Garden, and speak to Alvina of the Darkroot Wood.

by joining this covenant, and putting on the covenant ring, (Cat Covenant Ring) you will be summoned into the forest to take down anyone who steps foot into the dark woods. This is a very popular covenant for people who want to play PVP.

1st Place: Darkwraith

This is the best covenant for a reason. Once you make it through Anor Londo, and get the Lordvessel, you can go ahead and defeat the Four Kings boss. Once you defeat them in The Abyss, Frampt will appear. Speak to him to join.

Once you join, you can invade infinitely using your Red Eye Orb. This is the best for PVP. You can invade a world that?s already invaded and even take down other Invaders.


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