Top 10 New York Graphic Design Firms

Top 10 New York Graphic Design Firms

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There is a multitude of graphic design firms in the creative industry, especially in the field of branding.

There?s almost a 100 listed in the Clutch directory and about another 100 listed in Dexigner directory plus a many more that you can find on Google.

In the competitive industry of graphic design, there are many different sub-disciplines, but branding is probably the most competitive.

It?s difficult to establish your name in the identity design field particularly.

Logo and identity design is considered as the quintessence of a graphic designer?s art and it sounds like a dream job for most designers.

Branding is a key business tool and there are many new and existing companies who value good design

However, not all the design firms are the same and some of them have managed to cut through the clutter and gain international prestige.

They made name for themselves with their impressive portfolio work and international reach have made them some of the most famous graphic design companies on Earth.

Read on below for the list of top 10 design firms that specialize in branding (order totally arbitrary) and are known around the world but based in New York City.

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Top NY Graphic Design Firms

  1. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
  2. Landor Associates
  3. Pentagram
  4. Interbrand
  5. Lippincott
  6. Siegel+Gale
  7. Saffron
  8. Wolff Olins
  9. Super Union
  10. FutureBrand

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