Top 10 European Furniture Brands

Top 10 European Furniture Brands

Take a look at our list of the best European furniture manufacturers.

European high-end furniture manufactures are appreciated and renowned all around the world. Talented European designers and architects offer unique and original designs, which can transform any interior into an elegant and stylish space. If you appreciate centuries-old artisanal quality perfectly combined with innovative technologies, take a look at our list of top 10 European furniture brands.

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Discover more unique designs by Roche Bobois


Roche Bobois is one of the most renown French furniture companies. This family-owned business was founded in 1960. Roche Bobois produces a wide range of modern high-end furniture: armchairs, chairs, tables, beds, sofas, storage units and many other. All its products are highly customizable and exclusively made in Europe. Roche Bobois is able to offer an exceptional variety when it comes to customization. Therefore, its customers can choose between a vast selection of options like form, color, leather, finishing and other details that make every piece of furniture become one of a kind. Roche Bobois unique collections often originate from its successful and fruitful collaboration with famous international designers, such as Sacha Lakic, Christophe Delcourt, Marcel Wanders, Ora Ito and luxurious fashion-design houses like Christian Lacroix Maison and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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Take a look at stylish sofas and armchairs by Ligne Roset


Ligne Roset is another top French furniture brand that has already become synonymous with impeccable style and modern luxury. The brand was established in 1860, almost 160 years ago. Ligne Roset manufactures high-end modern furniture collections and decorative accessories, lighting, rugs, textiles and much more. This acclaimed French brand collaborates with both internationally renowned designers and young talents of contemporary design. Ligne Roset offers an entire lifestyle in which one can live both boldly and beautifully.

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Get inspired by stylish and high-quality leather upholstered furniture by Poltrona Frau


Poltrona Frau is a famous Italian furniture brand which is specialized in the manufacturing of leather upholstered armchairs and sofas. The company was founded in Turin in 1912 by Renzo Frau. From 1926 Poltrona Frau was appointed the official supplier of the Italian Royal Family, the Savoia dynasty. In the 30?s Poltrona Frau became a true status symbol. From then on, this Italian furniture brand will finish all the most important and prestigious houses, grand hotels, the interiors for Expo Turin in 1928 and the luxurious transatlantic Rex, the pride of the Italian Navy. This luxurious furniture brand symbolizes elegance, accuracy and style Made in Italy. Its high-quality products range from beds to poufs, from armchairs to sofas. Poltrona Frau collections are manufactured to offer maximum comfort and to define a certain style.

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True Italian design and quality by B&B Italia. Buy right now!


When talking about European furniture design, one should mention B&B Italia, a renowned Italian brand that has contributed to writing the history of the international interior design. This brand has already become one of the main symbols of Made in Italy quality and it?s rightfully considered one of the main players on the market of high-end furniture. B&B Italia was established in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, one of the greatest pioneers of the contemporary Italian design. Its timeless and unique collections have always anticipated trends. The company has always tried to create furniture that remain valuable in time, setting high standards of quality and bringing forth highly functional and captivating products.

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Do you like Scandinavian design? Then take a look at the creations by BoConcept


BoConcept is one of the biggest names of the Scandinavian interior design. This renowned Danish furniture brand was founded in 1952 by two young artisans, who wanted to produce their own furniture in natural wood. The founders of the company wanted to introduce Danish high-quality and practical furniture to a broader international audience. Since the day of its foundation BoConcept managed to become the most global retail furniture chain in Denmark, with more than 250 stores in 64 countries around the world. Nowadays BoConcept specializes in the production of highly customizable luxury furniture and accessories, created by famous and talented international designers.

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Discover more about minimalistic and stylish designs by Fritz Hansen


Fritz Hansen is another exclusive Danish design brand which creates timeless collections of furniture, lighting and accessories. The company was founded in 1872 in Denmark. Fritz Hansen has a long history of collaboration with leading international designers and architects, including Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni, Poul Kjrholm, Arne Jacobsen, Kasper Salto and many others. Minimalism, functionalism and simplicity are the main concepts that guide the brand?s philosophy and help to create its unique style. With over 140 years of experience in design and furniture manufacturing, Fritz Hansen has become a brand that is recognized and appreciated all over the world. The company offers a rich collection of furnishings, some of which has already become authentic design classics and timeless icons.

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Transform your home into a luxurious and stylish environment with lighting by Luxxu


Luxxu is a famous Portuguese brand, specialized in the production of high-end lighting, furniture and accessories. Luxxu?s modern design harmoniously combines the most traditional and classic forms with contemporary and avant-garde features. Luxxu design world is based on the search for refined and luxurious atmosphere, where you can see beauty and elegance in every small detail. The brand?s philosophy reflects three main concepts: elegance, personality and luxury. The uniqueness of every single detail of modern Luxxu chandeliers is expressed by the use of the most prestigious and precious material: gold-plated brass and Swarovski crystals. The result is a product that perfectly combines elegance and design and that transforms any interior into a unique and luxurious shelter.

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Extravagant and original furniture by Boca Do Lobo. Discover more!


Boca Do Lobo is a luxurious design company that was founded in 2005 in Portugal. The company?s founders wanted to introduce the antique Portuguese tradition of woodworking to an international market. Boca Do Lobo expert craftsmen use age-old techniques to create unique and timeless design items. Passion and tradition are expressed in each their creation. The company is especially focused on design, paying particular attention to the personality and uniqueness of each created piece of furniture. The brand?s extravagant and luxurious collections are manufactured with the use of cutting-edge technologies which guarantee the desired high-level of quality.

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Do you like stylish and modern designs by Tom Dixon? Click here!


Tom Dixon is a famous British designer, a true innovator in the field of high-end lighting and furniture. In 2002 he set up his own company Tom Dixon where he can freely express his unique style and propose his lighting creations. The brand has already become internationally renowned in the field of interior design. Tom Dixon is specialized in the production of high-end lighting and furniture. The company is inspired by the British unique heritage, trying to revive the nation?s furniture industry. Tom Dixon offers unique products which are intentionally eclectic, extravagant and full of personality.

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Take a look at modern and timeless creations by Artek


Artek is a Finnish company, which is specialized in the production of design furniture, accessories and lighting. This famous furniture brand was founded in 1935 by four young talents: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl. One of the co-founders of Artek, Alvar Aalto, is recognized today as one of the greatest masters of modern design and architecture. Aalto?s architecture and furniture designs are distinctively Finnish and strongly individual. Maintaining the radical spirit of its founders, Artek still remains an innovative modern brand, that constantly develops new designs and forms at the intersection of design, architecture and art. Artek?s collections consist of furniture, lighting and accessories created by Finnish masters of design and acclaimed international talents.


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