Top 10 Coffee Haciendas in Puerto Rico

Top 10 Coffee Haciendas in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico produces some of the world?s best coffee. In the latter part of the nineteenth century the coffee produced in Puerto Rico was considered among the finest in the world, the one preferred by the Pope?s and Kings of Europe. While coffee production slumped in the twentieth century, recently several coffee haciendas serving high quality 100% Puerto Rican coffee are opening their doors to visitors to try and experience their coffee. These are our favorites:

1. Hacienda Tres ngeles (Adjuntas): The first certified agro-turismo coffee hacienda in Puerto Rico is eden for any coffee lover. The views, the cool breeze and high quality coffee is simply one of the best of the islands. They also offer tours of the coffee plantation sites on Saturdays. It is opened from Friday to Sunday, no reservation is necessary to visit the hacienda, but you must reserve to before hand for Saturday coffee hacienda tour.

2. Hacienda Tres Picachos (Jayuya): One of the oldest brands of 100% Puerto Rican coffee in Puerto Rico still active and run by the same family for over 40 years in the heart of Jayuya. Hacienda Tres Picachos has a traditional hacienda feel, an antique functional jukebox, a huge water mill, a river, a small museum of antiques and indigenous tano tools, and hundreds of turkeys roaming its farm, including rare white albino turkeys. It is the perfect place for the family to experience not only coffee but also country life in Puerto Rico.

3. Caf Nativo (Jayuya): A beautiful coffee shop on top of a hill outside the main road on the way to Jayuya. Their coffee shop is opened for visitors on weekends and has the most unique and sophisticated coffee menu with breakfast and lunch options. The baristas here are on top of their game, making elaborate latte art and creative drinks. A perfect weekend escape, this family oriented place is surrounded by mountains and cabins for visitors to stay in the heart of Puerto Rico.

4. Hacienda San Pedro (Jayuya): Another historic family own coffee hacienda, now on the fourth generation providing their artesanal flavors. This is one of the few local coffee brands that has other coffee shops in the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. Still nothing beats visiting their hacienda in Jayuya, which offers a beautiful and large coffee shop, a pound, and views of the structures and area where the coffee is grown and processed.

Image for postCoffee Haciendas: Hacienda Tres Angeles, Hacienda La Mocha, Hacienda Tres Picachos, & Caf Nativo

5. Hacienda Lealtad (Lares): Lealtad has two offers, a coffeeshop and the hacienda. Their coffeeshop has a large menu of lunch offers and desserts, and beautiful traditional furniture. Their hacienda, which was recently restored and now opened to visitors, has some of the most delicate furniture and unique touches, an experience that takes you back in time. No booking necessary for the coffee shop, but must book ahead in order to visit the hacienda.

6. Hacienda Cafe Lareo (Lares): Cafe Lareo is one of the most famous local brands among Puerto Rican consumers. Their coffee shop located just off the road that leads to Lares from Adjuntas, has one of the best spots to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while checking out the mountains of Lares, and sites of the coffee production area. They offer tours booked ahead and amazing desserts and coffee to enjoy while you visit their coffeeshop.

7. Hacienda La Mocha (Ponce): A historical coffee hacienda that has recently been fully restored and made accessible to the public. This coffee hacienda has some of the finest hacienda architecture and views of the island. On a sunny day you can see all the Caribbean southern coast, as well as the central mountainous region of Puerto Rico. You can also book a night or two in their historical hacienda online at their website, or take a coffee tour by booking or calling ahead of time.

Image for postRoasting coffee, images from Puerto Rico?s first virtual coffee tour.

8. Hacienda Caf Lucero (Ponce): While booking is necessary to visit this beautiful coffee hacienda in the north of Ponce, they have a coffeeshop in an important historic district of Ponce. Their coffeeshop is located in an old warehouse in La Playa de Ponce, the neighborhood right in front of the Port of Ponce, the place where back in the 1880s much of the coffee produced in Puerto Rico was processed and exported to the world. Both places, the hacienda in the mountains of northern Ponce, and the coffee shop in La Playa de Ponce are a must to visit to get the complete coffee experience.

9. Hacienda Pomarrosa (Ponce): Coffeeshop, coffee tours and lodging is all offered at this coffee hacienda, a peaceful escape in the mountains of Ponce. Booking is necessary to visit this beautiful hacienda, which also offers tours from Tuesday through Saturday at 11:00 am. The views and peaceful vibe of this place is a must to stay and escape from the city heat and hustle.

10. Hacienda Buena Vista (Ponce): Booking is necessary to visit this historical hacienda, today run by Para La Naturaleza, part of the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust. While it serves mostly as a museum and no longer produces, it still is a charm to visit to learn about the history of the coffee industry in Ponce and Puerto Rico. Plus it contains the only remaining example of the Barker hydraulic turbine, which was the first reaction type turbine ever made.

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** Hacienda Jcana ? Latitude 18 Coffee (Adjuntas): A magical place hidden in the mountains of Adjuntas, this is brand developed by a young entrepreneur post-hurricane Maria as a way to rescue traditions, contribute to the coffee industry, and market at top noche quality coffee. Currently the hacienda is only open for private tours via Isla Caribe. Nevertheless you can experience this coffee hacienda at your home with the world?s first ever coffee virtual tour with a box: Puerto Rico Virtual Coffee Tour +Box. This special virtual tour is a unique experience designed by our guides in collaboration with local farmers, artisans and businesses, to bring to any house around the world the unique flavors, history and experience of Puerto Rico coffee. Learn more and get your box at our shop page:

For more insight into the history of coffee, and for a unique coffee experience we recommend our Ponce Coffee Tour. If you want to try 100% Puerto Rican coffee check out Utopa?s coffee products page here. For more interesting facts about the coffee industry in Puerto Rico, follow us at @islacaribepr where were share information about coffee in Puerto Rico.

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