TIL Meaning: What Does TIL Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does TIL mean? What is the definition of this internet acronym ? Learn how and when to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

TIL Meaning

What Does TIL Mean?

What does this internet slang term mean in text talk?

?TIL? means ?today I learned?.

This means that you have learned an interesting fact or story. A quick Google search will give you multiple websites where you can customize what you want to learn about. A popular topic is Today in history. This will give you multiple events throughout time that occurred on that date. But your news doesn?t have to be old to use this lingo. It just means the info is what you learned today.

The social media site, Reddit, has a subtopic category dedicated to ?til?, as do many social networking sites. Knowledge is power so take a few minutes to learn something new. You?ll end up sounding smarter than your friends. And you get to use that nifty little text lingo too. You?ll become someone who keeps up with the times. Literally! It?s especially interesting to see what historical events occurred on your birthday.

Similar slang words:

This shorthand text type is considered to be categorized as attracting attention. Other slang that is often used in addition to or instead of ?til? are: ?Soml? which is ?story of my life; ? Irl?, ?in real life? ; ?jsyk? or ?just so you know? ; ?j4f? meaning ?just for fun? ; and ?fawc? which means ?for anyone who cares?.

?TIL ? = T (Today) + I (I) + L (Learned)

? Irl ? = I (In) + R (Real) + L (Life)

?Soml ? = S (story) + O (of) + M (My) + L (life)

?Jsyk ? = J (Just) + S (So) + Y (You) + K (Know)

?J4f ? = J (Just) + 4 (for) + F (Fun)

Other Meanings

As with most acronyms, ?til? can mean more than one thing. For example, ?til? could be shorthand for until. This is often seen outside of social media and is widely used by everyone. Another way of spelling it, without changing the meaning is ?till? with two L?s. This is used less often. ?Til? can also mean ?that is lame?; as the opposite of cool, meaning boring or not fun; ?totally in love?; and finally ?This is Lanka?, which refers to Sri Lanka, and is a twist on ?This is Africa? .

Here is the list of other meanings:


Truth in Lending

Technical Information Library

This I Learned

Transport Investments Ltd

Turned in Line (energy well)

Times Internet Limited (India)

Time in Lieu

Transition to Independent Living

Tobacco Industry Litigation

What is TIL?s origin?

?Til? first started on Reddit, which is a social media site where users share articles, pics, or memes , which are then commented on and voted on by other users. There?s even a subforum for the tag where you can focus on just ?til?, or ?today I learned?. Another website that made ?til? popular is Digg, which is a also a forum site for user submitted news stories. The topics can range from historical events to something widely known by others but not by the poster, like milk is actually bad for you, despite decades of claims about it being great for healthy bones.

Conversation Examples

Example 1 (today I learned)

Speaker 1 : Dude til that my dog likes broccoli

Speaker 2 : lmao that dog will eat everything

Speaker 1 : thts tru

lmao = Laughing my a* off

Example 2 (short for until)

Boyfriend : how long til you ready

Girlfriend : 30 min

Boyfriend : aight

Example 3 (That is lame)

Speaker 1 : I wanna go skating

Speaker 2 : til omg

Speaker 1 : SMDH it?s posed to be thts why it?s fun

Speaker 2 : aight idc let?s do it

  • ?Omg ? = oh my God or gosh
  • ?Smdh ? = shake my damn head
  • ?Idc ? = I don?t care

Example 4 (totally in love)

Bob Smith : @janedoe @johndoe happy anniversary

Jane Doe : @bobsmith ty 20 years and still til

Bob Smith : @janedoe yw that?s awesome congrats

  • ?Ty ? = thank you
  • ?Yw ? = you?re welcome

TIL Meaning Infographic

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