TIFU Meaning: What Does TIFU Mean and Stand for?

What does TIFU mean? What does this online abbreviation stand for? Learn the definition of this texting abbreviation with conversation examples and ESL infographic.

TIFU Meaning

What Does TIFU Mean?

The abbreviations ?tifu? means ?Today I F**cked Up?.

The best hashtag for posts where you really mess up, the perfect abbreviation for all those epic fail moments. The meaning behind ?tifu? is ?Today I F**cked Up?. You will most commonly see ?tifu? attached to photos as a caption or the start to usually a funny post on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Conversation Examples

Here is how you may use this internet slang term.

Example 1

Texter 1 : Look at this photo. (Attached photo of a guy covered in paint.)

Texter 2 : What did you do?

Texter 1 : I left the bucket of paint on my ladder and guess what.

Texter 2 : lol What?

Texter 1 : I backed into the ladder?

Texter 2 : ROFL

Texter 1 : TIFU

A guy totally ruined his day by forgetting to get the paint from the ladder and dumps it on his head and his friends get a big laugh out of the situation.

lol ? Laugh Out Loud

rofl ? Rolling On Floor Laughing

Example 2

Texter 1 : OMG OMG

Texter 2 : Are you alright?

Texter 1 : NO

Texter 2 : Stop with caps lock.

Texter 1 : NO Cause today ITFU

Texter 2 : What did you do?

Texter 1 : I KISSED JOSH!

Texter 2 : You mean my BOYFRIEND!

Texter 1 : ?

Here you have two friends talking and one is very upset and messed up by kissing the other one?s boyfriend.

Example 3

Facebook Post : (You see a photo of a fresh tattoo with the name Becky in a heart.)

Caption On Photo : TIFU, got drunk and my wife?s name is Vicky, not Becky. Tattoo guy swears I wanted Becky, bet my wife will be upset.

Another way to have a ?tifu? moment is by getting a tattoo after too many drinks.

TIFU Meaning Infographic

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