Things Causing More than Ordinary Pain after Tooth Extraction

Things Causing More than Ordinary Pain after Tooth Extraction

Pain after tooth extraction is quite a normal thing. During treatment dentists usually numbs the extraction area with local anesthesia but once it wears off the ache starts again. Procedure executed and the amount of trauma during tooth extraction, decides the pain and discomfort factor after treatment so, dentists give medication to manage this pain.

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Pain after tooth extraction

Pain and tenderness generally lasts for three to four days. The dry sockets formed may ache for about a week after extraction as gums do not close immediately. Dentists ask patient to follow few post-extraction instructions to ensure fast healing however in some people healing may occur faster than the other person.

Things causing more than ordinary pain after tooth extraction

  • Infection before extraction: Healing will be delayed if there remains infection around the tooth before extraction. Normally doctors give antibiotics for infections before going with extraction. These antibiotics reduce the infections and swelling in the infected area. But sometimes a little infection may persist even after having antibiotics which delays the healing process.
  • Infection after extraction: One may experience swollen gums or swollen face for about two days after extraction. This is mainly due to the infections in socket area. It is painful and mainly occurs in people who smoke or have diabetes. Dentists give antibiotics in such conditions or may again numb the area and clean the infection surgically.
  • Wound in extraction area: Patients suffers from this pain after having a tooth pull. It takes some time to heal-up and is a very common surgical wound in dentistry. It generally wears-off in about 3 days but with complicating factors this pain may last for a week more than the normal healing time.
  • Dry socket: This is not an infection that can vanish away with antibiotics. It usually occurs 4 to 5 days after extraction. This pain occurs because of the exposed bone of tooth socket. There is an open wound in socket which does not get stable blood clot and hence leads to dry socket. With dry sockets one may experience bad taste and odor from mouth. One can have painkillers in the meantime because this pain generally sorts out itself in two weeks.
  • Torn-out gums: In few of the cases the neighboring gum also may get torn during extraction. It is generally ignored by dentists in minor cases of torn-outs but if the torn-out region gets bigger then dentists put few stitches to help healing fast.

Gums generally, torn-out in complicated cases like if a tooth breaks down in between and leaves the root in jaw or when the position of tooth is complex and not easy to extract. Dentists recommend painkillers and antibiotics to manage pain and discomfort in torn-out cases.

  • Pressure on neighboring teeth: Some dental instruments may put pressure on the tooth next to extraction site occasionally. It causes soreness in the neighboring tooth afterwards. It settles down within a week.
  • Opening into jaw sinus cavity: During extraction procedure the thin bone around the root tips may get disrupted. Thin membrane lining sinus may also get torn. It generally heals up in two weeks.

Going for tooth extraction gives relief from regular toothaches. It may be look like a painful journey but the end result is always great. Come to Irresistible Smiles in San Diego and get a safe tooth extraction treatment. You can rely completely on our expert, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, for your oral health care.


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