These 5 Tips can make you a Better Fortnite Player

These 5 Tips can make you a Better Fortnite Player

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Struggling to get better at Fortnite?

Don?t worry, many players are. Fortnite has became insanely popular since it first came out. There are players out there who game like 8 to 12 hours a day and this has increased to skill gap between casual players and experienced ones.

This guide will not teach you how to win every Fortnite Game. But it will teach you to get better at the game so that you can ultimately start to get wins based on your skills and not on your luck.

So, how do we actually differentiate between a new Fortnite player and an experienced one? It is done simply on the based of their building skills.

Every good Fortnite player knows how crucial building is to dominate this game. You can use it for defense, to gain high-ground or to trick your opponents using editing and other stuff. For the best building battles, watch Nick Eh 30 on YouTube.

Alongside building, here are 5 tips that I?ve implemented myself and these will help you to become a better Fortnite player.

1) Optimize Settings

First of all, make sure that you?re getting a good FPS and ping. If the FPS is not good, lower down the graphics settings. If you?re getting higher ping, change the matchmaking region or restart your router to see if there?s any changes now.

Next up is changing your Sensitivity and Keybinds. For Console players, use the Builder Pro Controller Mode. PC Players should reassign their building keybinds so that you can quickly switch between building and weapons.

PC Players should also disable mouse acceleration. Whether you?re a PC Player or a PS4 or Xbox player, change your sensitivity so that you can aim properly.

2) Engage in more Fights

Instead of landing at far away places and camping in order to win the game, drop at the first location from where the Battle Bus Starts. You can?t get better at fights if you hide from other players.

Play as many games as you can and try to knock down as many opponents as you can in every game.

This guide by can be helpful for anyone looking to improve their aiming and combat skills.

3) Practice Building

The first step to learn building involves practicing it at a place where nobody is going to disturb you. Wailing Woods is the perfect location for practice as you can get as much wood as you need.

Now learn to quickly build ramps and 1×1 bases. Do it as many times as required to get faster at building. Now, learn to edit building and try every type of edit for each type of building structure.

Now coming to the next step, learn to build during the fights. Utilize your newly developed building skills to outsmart your opponents.

4) Learn Strategies that Pros. Use

There are hundreds of Professional Fortnite Players and thousands of great players of whom you might have never heard of. Many of them use different strategies. With the building aspect of the game, each one have their unique style of play.

You can learn from every player out there. My favorite players are Ninja, Nick Eh 30, Myth, and SypherPK. And It?s completely your choice to decide what kind of play style you need to adapt.

Try to watch highlights and streams of players and stick to the ones that you prefer. Try to adapt to a play style that suites the best to you. We all like the aggressive style of Ninja. But not even all the good players can play in the same way and get a win most of the times.

5) Play More

Watching streams is okay, but there?s no other feeling than successfully applying the tricks that you just learned. Practice as much as you can. Losing and having a horrible K/D ratio is okay as long as you know that you?re improving with every game.

Play with your own pace. Not everyone can play or has the time to play 10 hours a day. Not everyone is a fast learner either. Stop comparing yourself with good players. The more you learn about the game and with a good muscle memory of key-binds as well as strategies to implement, you can rock in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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