The Twin Flame Runner Return Signs

The Twin Flame Runner Return Signs

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One of the main things I hear myself repeating a lot is to use signs in a twin flame journey as a guideline. There are no two journeys that are ever going to be exactly the same (which is why twin flame readings can be so helpful) and people sometimes panic because they?re not seeing any or all signs.

Usually, these signs are happening constantly without us knowing them. They can mean different things at different times but I?d like to talk about the twin flame runner return signs.

These are the kinds of signs you?ll start to see when it?s getting to the point of the runner returning. Please remember that this doesn?t always mean your about to reach union, sometimes there can be multiple separation phases ahead but it is worth looking out for.

The first thing to remember is, that the ?runner? has never left. So cannot return if he?s never left. What happens is that he hasn?t made the spiritual transformation and leap and he hasn?t woken up to who he is.

Each flame has a free will to accept or reject his gifts to the world. One twin flame I know, was very mature and aware person since a very young age. I could tell he was an old soul. However, his father was a negative person, always scolding him and shouting at him, and he hated him (he told me that himself). The father stopped him having any joy in life.

This young man absorbed his family trauma by marrying a woman and staying faithful to her for the rest of his life, now being nearly 50. He thought he was being a good husband, creating a joyful tightnit family ? exactly what he?d missed in childhood. What I haven?t mentioned yet is, that he also suppressed his love for a woman, who was his true desire. Since a very young age. Because she lived alone with her mum, who was also a rather controlling person, he rejected this girl for fear of having to deal with her mum, who reminded him of his father. And so he left her.

Because I happen to know both of them, I can say what has happened so far. She has made huge leaps in faith, and spiritual transformation. She is a very positive person and uncovering each day the wisdom of her being, and her soul. She has a child and left her karmic partner some years ago.

He, on the other hand, has turned sour and was sucked into negativity, judging by the negative and always complaining and dissatisfied comments he leaves on his Facebook wall. He has no children.

What I?m trying to say is, that even your twin flame, a strong, positive and resilient soul may get broken. While he unconsciously knows who he is and where his true love is, he may become stuck with the beliefs he has built around himself, believing he is doing the right thing.

Now, by no means am I trying to claim that these two should be together, or that they are flames, it?s not in my competence. But I know she loves him and if he had made an attempt to communicate instead of keeping himself shut off from her, they?d have talked things through. Communication is then the obvious sign that a ?runner? would be returning. If he?s unwilling to do that, in spite of being gently prompted by her after decades, then there is a block, something stopping him from accessing her even as a friend. His inner world hasn?t come out from his ?safe mode?.

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Now if he IS doing the right thing being away from you, only the Universe and his higher consciousness knows. Not all roads lead to Rome, and not all twin flame paths cross to join into a mutual journey.

That?s why there is such thing as Awakening :

An Awakening is when the confused and frightened self transcends to a higher consciousness, a awareness-full of love and peace.

Spiritual awakening refers to a shift in consciousness, an apperception of reality which had been previously unrealized. The culmination of such realizations is in the recognition of oneness with all of existence.

If your twin flame was awakened, full of love and peace and his confused, frightened, hurt and broken Self had transcended to a higher consciousness, he would certainly be placed on the level with pure and real love and joy. Twin flames are meant to burn with unconditional love, but to bring that tiny flame from within your heart, you must awaken. Then, once their fears and karma have been processed, and they awaken to the desire to attract true love, they will be aligned with one another in due course.

Sorry that I haven?t quite answered your question by diverting you into a different angle of looking at it and restating, that your ?runner? has never left. The only person he had abandoned is himself. He must find himself first.

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