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Are you seeking to find the top college admission consultants? Here are some that you can consider! Do your OWN due diligence before you sign any agreement!

What do college admission consultants do?

The top college admission consultants typically help achieve five results for your student/child:

1. Help pursue the ?best-fit? college major for future success.

2. Assist in securing admission in a reputed US college or a university.

3. Help secure financial aid for college studies for students.

4. Place the student in the right career trajectory for future success.

5. Give the student the confidence for success and tackle future failures, if any.

Are college admission consultants needed?

In theory, each of the high schools in the US is expected to have a guidance counselor. Unfortunately, the ground-level reality is that the ratio of the guidance counselor to a student in the US is 1:482. Plus in most cases, these counselors are neither well trained or motivated enough to help high school students. In many cases, they have a lack of understanding of the business and industry needs, that will enable them to guide their students to appropriate college majors and degrees for the student?s future success.

The general perception is that there is a lot of college admissions material available on the internet. However, the problem here is that this material is scattered, not updated, organized for easy consumption, many times inaccurate, and certainly difficult to find when needed. Plus the ?insider college admissions track? is not known just by perusing this material.

In short, the college admissions consultants play an important role in your students? future success if you can find the correct one and at an affordable rate.

How can parents differentiate between premium and ordinary college admission consultants?

?Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.?

The ordinary college consultants take short cuts and may try to do the college application on the student?s behalf, or worse, cheat or use other inappropriate means for success. The students learn nothing and build no self-confidence.

The premium college admission consultants spend the necessary time and resources teaching and educate the student (and their parents) how to win in the college application and the career trajectory ?competition.?

The goal of a student going to college is to ensure career success. Success is intentional, not accidental. It has to be earned not awarded. Premium college admission consultants know this and work towards preparing the student appropriately to create exceptional, winning college admission plans, strategies, and applications. Insist on it!

How is the Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman college admissions scandal likely to impact the college admissions?

US colleges are taking stern and serious actions and are expected to make major changes in their college applications and admissions processes for the coming years.

One major expected change is a declaration by the student in their college application if they used a college admission consultant, and if so, the name of the consultant and the specific areas and ways the consultant helped the student.

Lying or cheating on this declaration could be the cause for dismissal from the college later (even if admitted). Pay special attention to ensure that the college admissions consultants are not writing your college essay or personal statement or worse enabling cheating on your standardization tests.

The colleges are investing in technology to identify such students and this can cause immense damage to the reputation of the student and the parent.

How much do US college admissions consultants cost?

This is a tricky question. This marketplace is not regulated nor is it transparent. The price typically ranges from $2,700 to $17,000 for the face-to-face, one-on-one programs. These programs can start from the 9th grade and go all the way to 12th grade.

Do make sure to check out the innovative, digital, self-paced programs in the list too which are gaining a strong footing, are very affordable, and exceptionally comprehensive. Such self-paced programs are typically costing in the range of $250-$1,000 a year.

Here are a couple of ways to avoid being taken advantage off:

1. Don?t go by all the hype of Ivy college admissions facts and figures given in these college admission consultants’ websites. No one is verifying this data as far as we know. Plus, only a very small portion of the high school students will eventually go to Ivy League colleges!

2. Visit college admissions consultants’ websites who transparently advertise the pricing of their services first. Those who don?t, are typically negotiating individually with students and there may be wide variation in their final prices and services.

3. Most college admissions consultants will offer a free 30 to 90 minutes a session or digital preview of their program. Make sure to take it and compare the quality of what is being discussed then make a decision based on the quality of service, the price of the offering, depth of knowledge and the ease of access to the service.

4. Check for the consultants to give a line item details of the program or curriculum the students are expected to go through. If the price of the programs is very high (in thousands of dollars), ask to speak to a few students who have gone through their programs.

List of Top US College Admission Consultants

Here is the list of some top US college admission consultants. Please review the consultant, research them, speak with them, test out their free session or watch their free preview and then select the consultant. ScaleUP USA or its parent company Launch Dream is not responsible for the result achieved or not achieved by you by engaging with any of the below alphabetically listed services:

1. Applying to a top program is a stressful process. Accepted college consultants position you so you fit in with the school?s culture while also standing out from the competition (Listed Price: $8,700).

2. Ann Ivey: Are former admissions officers and experts at coaching college applicants through all phases of the college application process. They have a number of packages starting from 9th grade to 12th grade (Listed Price: $7,500).

3. Career Trajectory: This comprehensive, US-global, self-paced, online, digital, affordable program focuses on helping high schoolers (9th-12th grade) to start thinking critically about college education, research career opportunities, and build a custom formula for their future college and career success. This program is ideal for the current coronavirus crisis (Listed Price: $299/year; however, there is a special limited time promotion whereby you can save $200 on this program and get it for $99 with this code ?save_200.? Use it while the program lasts!)

4. College Coaches: Their goal is to help each student maximize his or her chances of success through services focused on their personal desires, goals, individual strengths, and accomplishments. (Listed Price: Not Available).

5. Creative College Connections: Work with students in-person in their offices in downtown historic Leesburg, VA, and remotely with students throughout the world, and offer several consulting options, depending on when you start and how much support you desire. (Listed Price: Not Available).

6. Ivy Coach: Is a leading college consultant committed to counseling students from around the world so that they can gain admission to Ivy League and other highly competitive universities. Their consultations are available via Skype, FaceTime, and phone. (Listed Price: Not Available).

7. Solomon Admissions: Are former college admissions officers and they work with the college applicants to craft memorable narratives and personal statements that best address their unique backgrounds, interests, and how they will contribute to the college to which they apply. (Listed Price: Not Available).

8. Top Tier Admissions: is a company devoted to empowering students from around the world in the college and graduate school admissions process. Their Application Boot Camp helps develop an application strategy to increase your college acceptance odds. (Listed Price: Not Available).

9. Veritas Prep: Has multiple School Packages, with one goal in mind: getting you admitted to your dream schools. All their experts have years of experience helping competitive applicants get into their dream schools. (Listed Price for 4 Colleges $8,300).

About the Author:

Nitin Pradhan is an educator, technologist, and social entrepreneur based in the Washington DC metro region. He is the former award-winning CIO of the US Department of Transportation and an Obama Appointee. He leads the ScaleUP USA?s Digital Business and Career Growth Accelerator including the Federal Business Accelerator, the Federal Career Accelerator, and the Career Trajectory programs. Business and government leaders can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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