The Secrets of Tattletail

The Secrets of Tattletail

Tattletail is an indie horror game based on the popular 90?s toy, the furby. Since its release near the end of 2016, Tattletail has started growing a cult following as people relive the excitement of talking toy pets. However, Tattletail has a lot of secrets that have yet to be explored, and most are probably justifiably so. In this article, I share three of the most overlooked secrets in Tattletail.

1. Knocking on Mom?s Door

The mystery of where the player?s parents are is still one to be solved. After all, when you knock on Mom?s door during the day, nothing happens. However, most people panic during the night, when running from Mama, and do not try to knock on Mom?s door out of fear of a game over.

When you do knock on Mom?s door, you get a jumpscare and the ?What did you expect?? achievement. For those who watch the video, no, John Cena does not come after you!

10 January 2017 Update: An update to the game has allowed the player to knock on Mom?s door on Christmas day for an alternate secret ending. The ending assumes that there actually is a mother figure in the game and that Mama was truly banished.

Image for postYou knocked on Mom?s door, what did you expect?!

2. Answering the Phone

The phone rings every night until Christmas Day in Tattletail, and the game is quick to instruct players to not answer it in the tutorial on the first night. However, if you answer the phone on the first night, a static-filled mechanical noise starts to play. Then? nothing. The story will continue as normal, and beating the game will not result in any special events in the story. Not picking up on any of the nights at all and then beating the game results in the same fate. What a shame that we flexed our Japanese horror movie senses for nothing!

10 January 2017 Update: Some players have reported being able to get an alternate ending in the most recent update for Tattletail. This has been confirmed by the community.

3. Collecting All of the Eggs

As of 10 January 2017, obtaining all eggs in Tattletail is believed to be a completionist task. Collecting all of the eggs will result in the player getting the ?Presents for You!? achievement. Fulfilling this task appears to have no effect on the story or reveal anything regarding the lore of the game.

Image for postThe demonic furby got you again!

As of 10 January 2017, the recent ?The Gift? update has changed this.

Image for post

A new secret ending is available now after collecting all eggs and not answering the phone on any night. This fulfils the requirements of being a ?good kid?, triggering the present to change from a Mama jumpscare to your very own Tattletail. The toy will jump out of your gift box and provide you with a rare manufacturer?s tag (to show its affection towards you) and a Waygetter?s golden flashlight.

The golden flashlight is exactly the same as the original one, except it casts a golden light.

Through the secret ending of the game, you will be able to knock on Mom?s door to find out that the player?s Mom actually exists! You won?t be able to see her, but you will hear her voice. This is because opening the door to Mom?s room will cause the screen to white out to the credits.

While the hidden features of Tattletail somewhat leave something to desire, there is no doubt that this indie horror game will attract a cult following as the it continues to be updated. Now, will the developer, Waygetter Electrionics (sic), develop a sequel? If they do, they will have to be careful: a sequel could make or break this lovable brand that is rapidly snatching the hearts of horror game and indie enthusiasts, worldwide.


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