The Platform Master Has Finally Arrived

The Platform Master Has Finally Arrived

First off, am back from my trip to Japan! Also, I am currently recovering from my trip to Japan. But I had to make a post real quick, about a legit out of absolutely nowhere surprise that arrived right before the year 2020 showed up?

Remember that documentary I?ve been dying to see, for years now, about the documentary centered upon an early internet personality who made a name for himself via Bubsy 3D deep dives, along with a method for degreasing Domino?s Pizza? I speak of Nick Smith, aka Ulillillia, of course.

Like I said, I?ve regularly wondered out loud what the status was of The Platform Master, as recently as last February, which @VitoGesualdi noted. Which is why he felt compelled to make sure that I knew that the original director?s cut had been released at long last! Via its description on YouTube?

?This is the only official edit of the film ever made. Completed in 2012 and shelved until now, 7 years later, finally yours to watch for free. Happy New Year!

As 2019 comes to an end, we realize that this film has been hanging in limbo for the better part of a decade, and our wish to re-edit and release this film the way we originally aspired to will never come true. So, lately, we thought the film should at least be released in the same decade that it was started in. Here now is the original director?s cut of The Platform Master, exactly as it was in 2012 before we pushed pause on releasing it. The film is yours now, Internet, thank you for being patient while we got our act together and figured out what to do with it.

We held the film back all those years ago because we were afraid that many people wouldn?t like it. In the years since we?ve learned that there is something for everybody on the Internet, so hopefully there?s an audience that likes this film.

No one paid us to do this film, no one invested in this film, no one crowdfunded this film? this was entirely a labour of love project by some college friends who really like Ulillillia.

By releasing the film free online, no one is out any money for this film, it?s your?s to watch and redistribute and do with whatever you?d like.?

Have I seen the movie yet? Not yet. I?m actually thinking of screening it later this month, as for the installment of Cinevile at Wonderville for the new year? Especially since I want to do something special, given that the last one was all the way in November (again, blame my trip to Japan). So long as I get the blessing of the filmmakers of course? even though they did say that we can all do whatever we like.

Oh, and in case you aren?t familiar with the story of Nick Smith, then you all need to watch this primer courtesy of Atrocity Guide, aka one of my new fave YouTube channels from the year 2019?

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