The Penis Plant

The Penis Plant


Nepenthes ? Just One Pitcher Plant

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Some things are not fake news. That?s why we have

Is this Phallic-Looking Object a Real Plant?

In March 2019, images of a plant dubbed a “penis flytrap” – a play on words that evokes the comparatively less phallic?

I love plants. Apparently, they love us too. Enough to mimic us.

Or is it just that they honor us, with this real life altar? We are a constant source of food for them, after all.

You know ? when we die, and our bodies disintegrate.

Unless ? we interfere with the natural order of things. Like, perhaps, removing the blood from the body, replacing it with chemicals that don?t allow the body to naturally decay and feed the plants.

Hmmmmmm, maybe the planet?s rebelling, because at some point, we stopped feeding it?

Brings new insight into this crazy scene.

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Food for thought.

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