The odd review of Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall

The odd review of Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall

Image for postFeaturing Corey Taylor from Slipknot (and his son), Rob Scallon, Lucy Lacemaker, and more?

I never thought I would go back. I wanted more than anything to be done with Doug Walker and what he has become.

Then I heard about the review.

The Twitter reactions, that there?s a album, from the review. That people can pay to listen. The lead singer from Slipknot, another Youtube onto of Rob Scallion.

That there was a considerable amount of effort and in effect,and that it didn?t translate well on screen.

Doug Walker, known almost entirely at this point as the Nostalgia Critic, has done this ?review? of Pink Floyd?s The Wall. Review is up in quotations as there wasn?t really an effort to critique this movie well. Tell me, when someone has a studio, several paying actors and actresses, some of who were pulled away from their own shows on the channel, and apparently had months to work out the script, why would you go about the way he had?

?The Wall?, in my interpretation, seemed to be a personal piece about one man?s life and how several challenges in his life (his time in the school system, world war 2) had eventually driven him looney. Now, this is coming from someone who has not seen the movie, who had only heard some of the songs, coming from this weird experimentation of a video.

Image for postFrom “Waiting For the Point”

There were at least two of the songs that I really took issue with; one of them being titled ?We need more Victimization? which riffed off of ?We don?t need more Education?, a lyric from ?Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)? Aside from trivializing Roger Water?s childhood and how he suffered at school, considering it as pandering, there?s also the odd choice of having the song, or perhaps the film itself, referred to as a ?long winded rant?.

The other startling thing that came to mind for me; taking the time, in the middle of this ?review? to try to make some commentary about social media that made it feel more personal than it should have come across.

From the lyrics to ?Waiting for the Point,? which loosely corresponds to ?Waiting for the Worms?; ?Love me or hate me just look at me more, whatever side you choose, just don?t ever wane.? Before the song even started, there was this whole moment about the rest of the actors copied in an ?Echo Chamber?, with them dressed up in stereotypical nerd clothes, and Rob Walker. There was seemingly a shout-out to ?Thatcher?s administration?, other than that it seemed to spend its? time trying to paint Doug Walker himself as the default strawman who seemed to not care if he is love or hated, as long as he?s seen.

Image for postFrom Fennah?s The Trial

And then there?s the ?Trial?, with characters and the parody of this song from Fennah, whose characters that appeared were from his Youtube channel called ?Satellite city?. The climax of this review, that was animated for months beforehand, which actually connected to the film and gives the point of view that it shouldn?t be criticized as it is more of a visual emotive film. It almost made watching this project bearable. Then again, the clip is up on Fennah?s own channel, so why go through all this slough just for it.

Perhaps this musical experiment isn?t for me, I have stated that I wasn?t really a fan of NC, before watching this episode, or a fan of other contributors that were on this project. But, there were small glimmer of brilliance throughout this. The wane and waiting lyrics in ?Waiting for the point?, the small shots of when Doug was in the field (that was later green screened). There was this pair of lyrics right near the end of the song ? Waiting for the point? that, on it?s own, are inspirational.

There was a lot of effort in this project, people being brought on, and the instrumentals on most of the songs by Rob Scallon were on point. But the writing, the animations that weren?t Fennah, the sheer lack of analysis and criticizing really shows that a project like this could garner a huge backlash.

Times have changed. Do your research, especially when it comes to films that come from a different country. They don?t have the Oscars there, they have Baftas. And the Album came before the film anyway.


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