The History of The “Trollface” Meme

The History of The “Trollface” Meme

You have probably seen a lot of memes on the internet, one of them being the ?trollface?. So, how exactly did this meme become so popular, where did it come from, and most importantly why was it created? Today, we will be digging a little deeper on the history of this popular?Trollface? meme.

So, What is a ?Meme??

A meme is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. Most of the memes seen on the internet today are photos that are captioned to be funny. However, memes are not always presented as a photo, they can be seen by videos, gifs and verbal expression.

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History of The ?Trollface?

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The Trollface is a rage comic character that is seen with a mischievous smile which is meant to represent the facial expression of the Internet Troll.

Carlos Ramirez is the original created of The Trollface. He is an artist that is known by his deviantART. He revealed that The Trollface was based off a drawing of a comic character he drew, ?Rape Rodent? (seen below). He produced this Trollface for MS paint webcomic that focused on the pointless nature of trolling on 4chan?s video game board in 2008.

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His drawing started to gain attention after a couple months on 4chan as the universal emoticon of the internet troll. Eventually, the trollface started becoming an internet sensation and evolved into the ?coolface? and ?problem?. People use the Trollface to create a lot of their memes now.

The video below also explains the history of the Trollface and the success of it. As you can see in the video, The Trollface has been recreated/remixed with its mischief across the internet. I personally enjoy memes, it?s interesting and creative to see how they were created. The Trollface is definitely one of the most popular memes I have seen on the internet, from video games, videos, and many more. People have recreated it in such an entertaining way that fits with this character, which is why it has become so popular. So, that?s pretty much the history of The Trollface, will you be creating your own next time?

WARNING: Strong Language is used!


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