The History of Online Shopping

The History of Online Shopping

It first began way back in 1979 when Michael Aldrich used Teletext (AKA VideoTex) ? a two-way message service which revolutionized business.

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In 1981 we saw the first business to business transaction with Thomson holidays from the UK.

1982, Mintel (an online service accessible by phone lines), was used to make online purchases, book train tickets, chat, check stock prices etc.

1984 ? the first ever shopper buys online at a Tescos store.

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Jump forward to 1990 and Tim Berners-Lee created the first browser and web server.

In 1991 the Internet became commercialized and saw the birth of e-commerce. Amazon started selling books online and Pierre Omidyar founded eBay. Both companies are now the ?go to? places for everything for sale online throughout the World.

Over the next few years, after witnessing the potential of a few online stores, many competitors and alternatives were created.

1997 saw the emergence of comparison sites and shortly after in 1998 Paypal was founded.

In subsequent years, online commerce and shopping has become the norm and we cannot comprehend what the World would look like without it.

Although the number of online sales, products and services has exploded, nothing fundamental has changed much.

Into the now?. bring on Cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

We are now seeing cryptocurrency being adopted more widely. Up until now mostly for investment purposes, but soon we will be able to spend cryptocurrency instead of fiat (dollar/pounds etc).

One of the biggest challenges with cryptocurrency is the ability to turn it into a spendable currency. Exchange rates, charges and taxes make it expensive and challenging to do so, often leading to it being uneconomically viable.

The vast majority of cryptocurrency holders, are holding onto their currency waiting for the day when they can use it to buy goods and services directly without the need to exchange into fiat.

The good news is that we are seeing more and more companies offering their wares to cryptocurrency holders.

As example of this is travel agents to gift voucher sellers.

Two major players in this field are TravelBlock and Zeex.

TravelBlock will offer the ability to buy holidays and travel using cryptocurrency. Due to the nature of the blockchain on which their platform will reside, they are able to offer amazing discounts even when compared to the cheapest current online agent Expedia. Savings range from 25% ? 60% and you can be sure that the holiday experience will be exactly the same and use exactly the same hotels, resorts and travel providers.

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Zeex will offer the ability to purchase gift vouchers with cryptocurrency and then exchange them for goods and service from major partners such as Amazon, Tescos, Sainbury?s, Xbox, Nike and Adidas to name but a few.

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Bearing in mind the shear plethora of items available through these outlets, you can almost certainly use your cryptocurrency to buy almost anything you need in life.

Both TravelBlock and Zeex are in ICO at present, looking to live very soon.

These companies present a great investment opportunity and are backed by great teams and partners.

If you would like more detail on either company, visit their webistes or Telegram Groups as listed below:

Websites:- TravelBlock Zeex

Telegram Groups:- TravelBlock Zeex


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