The Greatest Country in the World

The Greatest Country in the World

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Switzerland ranked in the top 5 in every individual ranking listed above ? the only country in the world to have that distinction.

Switzerland quite simply delivers the ultimate blend of happiness, health, productivity, and success.

Switzerland is the 2018 Greatest Country in the World.

How Does Switzerland Do It?

Switzerland has it all ? wealth, beauty, culture, and stability.

One of the world?s wealthiest countries, Switzerland enjoys low unemployment and one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world.

The beautiful small country in Central Europe is made up of glacier-sculpted Alps, lakes, and valleys, and has enjoyed relative peace and tranquility since the mid 1800?s.

Well-known for its neutrality, Switzerland also prides itself on culture and diversity ? German, French, Italian, and Romansh language all enjoy national status.

Additionally, Swiss citizens have won more Nobel Prizes and registered more patents per capita than most other nations.

And that?s just scratching the surface.

I suggest you add Switzerland to your travel list in order to truly find out what makes it the greatest country in the world.


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