The Great Emoji Movie Challenge

The Great Emoji Movie Challenge

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What else are you gonna do during your weeks (months) of COVID-19 social distancing?

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With all this self-imposed social distancing (which is important and necessary) we have to keep ourselves amused somehow. My colleague passed over an emoji game which has been spreading in the UK, which I loved so much that I then decided to make my own!

One of the great things about playing (and making) this kind of emoji game is that it helps you think about visual language and how we communicate with signs. Sure, it?s fun, but it also helps you think about how you map information to representation and symbolism ? which is something we do all the time in dataviz.

Below you?ll find 50 film titles as created by emoji. Some of these are deep cuts so it?s game on! I?ve added answers at the bottom of the post if you just gotta know.

Guess the film titles:

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What are your favorites? Why not share them with your friends?! Make some more and send to your co-workers! These kinds of emoji puzzles are very inclusive and super fun. It really helps you think about emoji and visual language in a new way! Please try to have some fun and connect with people! We?ll make it through this whole crazy time if we do it together!

Feel free to add your guesses or share your own emoji-film title in the comments!

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Duh, they are upside down so you can?t cheat:

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