The Goddesses of Art & Creativity

The Goddesses of Art & Creativity

A Mythological Brief

Image for postThe Sculpture of Aphrodite

Brigit (Celtic)

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She is the goddess of art and inspiration, The patroness of womanly arts. She is said to inspire the creativity and artistry in blacksmiths. Because she is the Goddess of both fire and inspiration, the poetic inspiration saying ?fire in the head? cam about.

Goddess Saraswati (Hindu)

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Goddess of arts, crafts & Creativity, before she was a goddess, she was a personification of the river. In various origins for instance, she came into the world by Vishnu?s left side or from Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. She has Four Arms :

  1. One Holds a scroll and represents universal, eternal and divine wisdom
  2. Second Holds crustal beats representing power of contemplation and spirituality
  3. Third Holds a pot of water representing creativity
  4. Holds a sitar which represents her perfection in music and arts

Athena (Greek)

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Athena is Goddess of arts and crafts in greek methodology, She is the patronesses of all art forms and she also the Daughter of Zeus.


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