The Gerard Butler 300 workout

The Gerard Butler 300 workout

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The movie 300 is probably one of the most manliest movies ever made. It?s full of action, special effects and violence. Watching this testosterone-filled macho movie, you can literally see the blood spatter against the big screen, while you enjoy the amazing Spartan battles. And of course, The Award of The Manly Man goes to Gerard Butler playing the main role.

Looking at his amazing physical transformation, I bet at any given time watching the movie you thought; Hey, I wish I looked like that guy!

So if you want to become super ripped like Gerard Butler in 300, you better keep reading to learn exactly how he did it!

Becoming King Leonidas

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To become King Leonidas, Gerard Butler went through 4 months of heavy training and dieting to get in perfect shape. Enduring these intense workouts, he managed to mentally and physically become the real king of Sparta.

To prepare for his role , Gerard Butler trained like an animal, because he thinks you have to believe that you ARE the character to successfully pull it off. To become a warrior, he trained like one:

I wanted to look really strong. I?ve seen so many actors play these kinds of roles, and you see all this equipment on either a big belly or skinny little arms. ? Gerard Butler

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The 300 workout

The 300 workout was designed by Mark Twight. Mark Twight is an American mountainclimber, a writer and the founder of Gym Jones. He was a personal trainer for many athletes, including different MMA fighters, NFL players and professional cyclists. He also got the actor Henry Cavill ready for his role as Superman in Man of Steel.

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To execute the 300 workout, Gerard had to train 5 to 6 days a week for 4 months. He didn?t do any exercises to train individual muscle groups. He did exercises that worked his whole body and literally beat the crap out of him.

He did a lot of Olympic lifts. He was flipping massive tires and sprinting while he was tied to a bungee cord. Flipping heavy tires gave him a great lower body, back and shoulders workout. He did a lot of circuits, where weight training and cardio are combined without breaks.

To become super ripped, Gerard also did Olympic ring exercises. Doing push-ups on the rings gave him insane results for his chest, triceps and shoulders.

The pull-up became his friend. Pulls-ups are one of the best movements out there to build massive shoulders, biceps, back and forearms.

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It was amazing to put that cape and helmet on and not have to think that I should have trained more. Instead I stood there feeling like a lion, ready to lead my army. ? Gerard Butler

The Famous 300 challenge

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The 300 workout challenge has become famous all over the internet. People all over the world are testing their strength and abilities. If you want to challenge yourself and your physical condition, the 300 challenge is the way to go. I?ve tried it myself and the workout left me breathless and completely wiped out. To be honest, I felt like I would die.

Warning/Disclaimer: this workout is not for the lazy and out of shape couch potato. Before you try it, get yourself in decent shape first!

The workout gets his name for the total number of repetitions. To execute the workout, you?ll have to do 300 repetitions of various exercises as quickly as possible. Not only Gerard Butler, but every actor had to complete the circuit as fast as he could.

Apparently, one actor, Andrew Pleavin (Daxos), finished the circuit in about 18 minutes. But do not be fooled. For us mortals, it will take a hell of a lot longer!

According to Mark Twight, the 300 workout was the finale after months of training. It was sort of a graduation test.

To pull off the 300 workout, finish the following exercises a quickly as possible:

25 pull ups

50 Deadlifts at 135 pounds

50 push-ups

50 box jumps with a 24-inch box

50 Floor Wipers at 135 pounds

50 clean & presses at 36 pounds

25 more pull ups

There?s no rest in between exercises and your score is based on your total time!

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The movie 300 is probably one of the most manliest movies ever made. It’s full of action, special effects and violence?

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