The fastest flowing river on the world: Artvin Çoruh River

The fastest flowing river on the world: Artvin Çoruh River

Image for postThe fastest flowing river on the world: Artvin

A large part of the territory of Artvin, which houses the oruh river, is covered with steep mountains. The oruh River reaches the Black Sea by passing through these mountainous regions. The length of the Coruh in the borders of Artvin is about 150 km. 3. 225 m. rak?ml? The oruh River, which born in the Mescit Mountains and is poured into the Black Sea within the borders of Georgia after covering a total of 466 kilometers, is also one of the world?s fastest flowing rivers. The region welcomes domestic and foreign athletes from around the world who perform river sports such as rafting, canoeing and river rafts every year. Surroundings of oruh River also have many tourist activities. It is possible to find local guides and mules to carry goods in the region.

The fastest flowing river on the world: Artvin

The oruh River, with its rich flora and fauna, is one of the rivers that protect its natural characteristics. On some cliff around the river, the griffon vulture species live in colonies. In addition, along the oruh valley, there are also black bear, wild boar, wolf, jackal, fox, badger, marten, otter, rabbit, partridge, wild rooster, snipe, mallard, pigeons, common wood pigeon and various wild animal species.


In the river which is about 260 km by starting from Bayburt, following ?spir and Yusufeli and going up to Artvin, there are 4 different rafting parkurs are done. ?spir-aml?kaya: 106?134 km Between ?spir and aml?kaya is a parkour on 3?4?5 difficulty degree. From the starting point of the ?spir, the water flow at the 8th km should be well watched. Camp can be established on the left bank of the river before the 28th km on the way leaving to aml?kaya.

The fastest flowing river on the world: Artvin

aml?kaya-Tekhale: 134?178 km When oruh is followed from aml?kaya, rice fields, vegetable and fruit gardens will be the most encountered footages. Tekkale-Artvin: 178?261 km When the parkour is continued from Tekkale, Yusufeli is reached after 6 kms. Accommodation and eating and drinking facilities are available in Yusufeli. Alt?parmak (Barhal) stream is one of the most important branches of oruh and flows into oruh in Yusufeli region. The difficulty level is 3?4?5 in this section where the water?s flow increase.

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