The Difference Between Goals and Visions

The Difference Between Goals and Visions

Once you determine where you are heading, it is easier to respond to life?s turns.

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Goals and visions guide your focus. Your energy flows to where your focus is. As you work with your goals in everyday life, the work becomes more a good habit, a deep-set routine, releasing your capacity and energy elsewhere needed.

What are visions and goals then?

Vision is a clear image how you see your future. Vision is aligned with your deepest values and priorities. It is of what you believe in or what you want to become or create. It is your desired future. Vision inspires, motivates you, keeps you excited to do what you do. You can set vision, for example, for your life, career or relationships. You can set vision for what you want to have, to what you want to do and what you want to be. When you have your visions ready, ask yourself, how can I achieve it? Setting goals will help you with this.

Goals are set as a specific target that move you towards your vision. Goals can be set, for example, for feelings, results, skills, knowledge, new job, physical and mental training. Goals help you to stay focused and on track. It is good to check at times that goals you set still serve you, whether your circumstances or world around you has changed, so be flexible by adjusting them or creating new ones. As you write your goals make them very specific and quantifiable in some way. It is also important to express them positively (write what you want, not what you want to avoid). Finally, note that you should write in present tense and with a clear timeframe for achieving your set goals.

Once you have visualized what you want to achieve, setting the individual goals can be incredibly gratifying, as is achieving them. Life happens around you, and once you know where you are heading and how you do it, it is much easier to respond to life?s events. You will start to see results and changes unfold as you live according your values with set direction. You know where you going and it is then much more likely you actually get there.

?If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all is left is a compromise.?

-Robert Fritz


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