The Curious Rants of Francis E. Dec Esq.

The Curious Rants of Francis E. Dec Esq.

Image for postFrancis E. Dec Esquire

I have been around the darker corners of the web since I was a kid, and after exploring a bunch of weird little avenues of the internet, you start to realize that you really don?t need to look for weird stuff online, because eventually, weird stuff finds you someway or another. And that?s what happened when I was watching Youtube videos one day and I happened to stumble upon a video that introduced me to this-

(Warning: This video contains racial slurs and nonsense.)

That was just a small sample of the legendary schizophrenic rants of Francis E Dec Esquire. Throughout the years I?ve been exploring strange content online and throughout the dozens of weirdos that reside in the darkest crevices of the internet, none of them have ever been as interesting nor as crazy as this man. He?s someone I think most of you won?t know, but I feel his case, his mad rants is the stuff of legends.

Yes some of us might know TempleOS and the man behind it, Terry A. Davis, and yeah most of you will know of Chris Chan (Christian Weston Chandler), but I feel Francis E Dec Esquire is not only an underrated gem of the ever growing motley crew of online crazies, but also one that trumps them all in terms of insanity.

It?s a bold claim, I know, and it?s a bit of a bias one because of how long I?ve known about Francis, yet his story is one I feel is heavily underrepresented is one that I feel needs to be studied more, not just because of the sheer entertainment he brings, but because of how fascinating his mental illness brought him this far.

Let?s start from the beginning. Keep in mind, documentation of Francis? life has been kept by mainly by Francis himself, and as a man who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, most of what he?s said about his past can?t be taken at face value.

Image for postAn in-depth timeline made by the Francis E. Dec fan club.

Francis E Dec was a man born in January 6th, 1926. Born under Polish parents who immigrated over to America, Francis apparently grew up with a German accent, though it?s hard to say if this was something he developed later in life due to his schizophrenia, but this is the only known through his then-neighbors. Anyways, Francis enlisted to the army during world war 2 and surprisingly was recommended for a good conduct medal.

Francis soon after went to law school, and from there he was employed by the Nassau County Police Department. Later he was admitted by N.Y state as a lawyer. He only held onto that job for under a year until he was barred, or as he likes to call it, ?forced out? of his job by ?gangster police?. Yet Francis retained his job for two more settlements he needed to work on by one client, unfortunately by this point he was accused by Nassau County Police of Forgery, Grand Larceny, and Fraud. Francis would spend the rest of his life claiming he was framed and would staunchly stand by his innocence.

Francis then spends several months trying to prove his innocence by defending himself in court. Throughout these months, Francis made personal enemies with many people prosecuting him, and would later vehemently assault them verbally in his rants later in life. Francis at this point was delusional, but it?s hard to say whether or not he was a full blown schizophrenic. There was evidence of him suffering from the illness early in his life, but how severe it was at this point was and still is unknown.

His rants later in life seem to constantly claim that the people against him in court were people who did not like him, and were out to get him, but in a grandiose sense. By this I mean Francis truly believed his life was wanted by the government itself. So at this point, given the man was able to defend himself, it?s safe to assume that he might have been showing very early signs of schizophrenia, but was still functional. If he was stable enough to stand up for himself in court, albeit a bit maddening and delusional, then he probably didn?t face severe debilitating paranoid schizophrenia at this point.

Though it?s unfortunate that the only definitive source we have of Francis? crimes is from a much older, much more unstable Francis. Because there are slight truths to his mad ravings later in life.

Image for postOne of many Francis E. Dec rants.

Francis constantly claimed that he was framed, that the court hated him because during his few months as a lawyer, he made a complaint against his superior for being felonious and committing crimes behind the scenes. And to his credit, Francis had some nuggets of truth to that, yet because of his schizophrenia, well, it?s hard to take anything he said later in life seriously.

In 1958, Francis, after being convicted of his crimes, and again, claiming that the judge ordered him to give up defending himself and just admit his guilt, Francis was ordered to get a psychiatric examination. Unfortunately this examination was never made public, so we can never really know how he was during his court sessions, though if this was needed then we can only assume that his schizophrenia got progressively worse as the trial went on.

After his conviction, he was sentenced to 2?5 years in jail and to be barred as a lawyer, but later this was changed to just a few years probation, though he would still get barred. He didn?t accept these convictions and later tried getting them overturned to no avail.

Despite his disbarment, Francis would still refer to himself as Esquire, despite that no longer being true. Being adamant that he was innocent and wrongly accused, Francis motioned to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. He ordered for the trial records, but was dismissed by the court.

(Note that the motion was 17 pages long.)

Because of the dismissal, it now reaffirms in his mind that the record was forged and fraudulently altered, so he applies to amend the trial record. The application he sent was over 320 pages long, and all written on a typewriter.

Image for postWe?re almost to the turning point.

In 1961, Francis E Dec stands before the court once more after violating his probation. He was advised to the right of counsel, but instead wanted to act as his own lawyer once again.

Though not much is known about what transpired during court, it can be speculated to be something of a spectacle, as Francis was court ordered to go to Pilgrim State Hospital for 60 days. This can only suggest that Francis was worsening, and his schizophrenia was becoming more apparent and far more volatile. After he was released just a month later under his own volition, his probation violation was dropped and his probation continued. It was after this case that Francis? mental state was deteriorating fast, and his perception of reality was lost.

Francis E. Dec Esquire has now completely lost his control of what little mind he had left, and he was worsening as the years went on. He began writing letters on his typewriters, plastered them on cars, and telephone poles in his area of New York, and mass mailed them to random addresses all over the world, not just New York. His main focus was to send them to large media companies, such as radio broadcasters and news outlets, to get his voice heard.

Francis then tried to leave the United States in 1965 back to Poland, where his mother and father descended from. Unfortunately, he was met by CIA forces, not in Poland where he thought he was, but instead in Quebec Canada. He was then arrested, and spent the next couple of days in solace and refused to eat any food. His only request was to simply ?go to sleep?, yet what that could mean is unknown. He was sent back immediately after to New York.

Keep in mind, the following parts of his history are vague and largely unknown to the public, and the only person that was able to keep records of his life was none other than Francis E Dec himself. So the next few tidbits of his life will be completely incomprehensible.

Image for postThe Francis E. Dec website even has its own dictionary (called the ?Dectionary?) to help decipher his rants.

Allegedly during his time in Quebec, he was ?beaten bloodily?, and when he had returned to America, he was exposed to DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS. His life then gets progressively worse.

Francis? brother, Joseph, whom he lived with during his psychological episodes, would criticize him for acting crazy at the airport. This is what I personally speculate anyways as in one of his rants, he mentions his brother ?beating? him ?bloody? for not dying to the deadly toxic nerve gas he was supposedly exposed to. I?m going to interpret this as his brother being furious at him for not complying with the officers.

After a while, Joseph leaves his brother his old house, then Francis brought out all of his furniture and dumps it, then scrapes off parts of the wallpaper because he believed the entire room was a CIA death trap that Francis was meant to die in. He destroys parts of the walls, rips off pieces of the floor, refurbishes and repaints the downstairs rooms, all to prevent the toxic nerve gas and tiny assassin underlings from entering his home. He believed then that there was a ?Gangster Communist Computer God? manipulating the ?Gangster Government? and that the ?Gangster Police? wanted him arrested and cured forever before he can go to a ?parroting puppet hangman rope gangster judge? to give testimony.

Make sense? Well, I believe now?s a good time to talk about the rants.

Image for postWhile often written with a Typewriter, Francis would sometimes intermingle his handwriting with the typewritten words. There were hundreds of these printed, and some may still exist unbeknownst to the general public.

You see, Francis? life would go on in a standstill where his mad rants would be spread across all of New York, until later found by Doc Britton who was a radio host of WZUU in Milwaukee. Now recently he was known to be the radio host for KROQ 106.7 FM until he was fired sometime in 2015. Doc Britton, AKA Boyd Britton, was one of the several media outlets Francis sent his rants to, seemingly trying to spread awareness for all the news to see. When Doc received them, he was thoroughly fascinated and amused by the mad rants of this odd man he hadn?t heard about. Not knowing exactly when, Doc Britton decided it would be fun to give his own ?dramatic interpretation? of the rants, and recorded himself reading them.

He added funny little filters here and there, along with some stupid music as background noise, and distributed them for all to see. These recordings became cult classics and were copied dozens of times and replayed back in underground radio stations. Now keep in mind, contrary to popular belief, all of the rants ever recorded or any of the rants you?ve ever heard online made by Francis were never actually read BY Francis. It was never by Francis.

One of many rants Doc Britton had read at an impressive speed and coherence.Image for postCropped Image of Doc Britton.

In fact there was also the belief that the image on the left is Francis E Dec Esquire, but that?s not the case. In fact this is a cropped photo of Doc Britton. Doc on the Roq. There had never been any recording or photos of Francis E Dec while he was alive, or so it was thought.

The only known evidence of him ever existing aside from the rants, were of the accounts of Forrest Jackson, who is the only known person to have met Francis E Dec in real life. Not only that, but he was able to film him while he was in a hospital bed (See the first image posted above) while Forrest was wearing a black suit with sunglasses, and acted as if he were part of the CIA as a sort of a prank to scare Francis. He interrogated Francis and asked him about the Computer God, the various nerve gasses, and other quirks referring to his rants.

I personally think it?s kind of cruel to treat the man that way. Sure he was a racist in his rants, a homophobe and an anti-semite, but at the point in life Forrest met Francis, Francis was already dying. He wasn?t the same energetic bloke he used to be, writing hundreds of rants a day and pasting them on people?s doors, cars, and telephone poles. This was a man who was about to die, and Forrest played a mean-spirited prank on an old, mentally unstable man. At one point one of his friends considered throwing a tarantula at Francis in reference to his DEADLY TOUCH TARANTULA SPIDERS he always mentioned.

Now I?m not trying to get on my high horse here and smite everyone who made fun of him. It would be hypocritical of me, seeing as how I?m writing an article about how funny his rants are and how fascinating of a person he was, and I acknowledge that he was a horrible hate-filled man in his younger years, there?s no excusing that. Yet Francis was at his lowest point ? his deathbed. Throwing a tarantula on an old, mentally deteriorating man, wasn?t going to to be a justifiable action in any way, no matter how you feel about him.

You aren?t the saviors of justice by scaring an elderly man that?s relatively unknown to the public. Aside from the bad prank, Forrest was unfortunately unable to have a proper Q&A session with Francis as he was pretty tight lipped and never really acknowledged their existence. Later on, Forrest would later find out that the only words Francis had ever spoken in the Hospital was three years prior where his only words were spoken when a nurse asked him to sit up, and his response was just a normal ?do I have to??.

Everyone else who tried to contact him or interview him, yes even Doc Britton himself, were never able to get a response from him due to Francis just seemingly never answering the door when they approached his home.

And it wasn?t hard to find him either by the way, he?d literally list where he lived in most of his rants. The issue was that he never answered the door, and why would he? At this point Francis claimed he was hunted down by gangster police by the world wide gangster conspiracy computer god.

In fact the mentioning of this Computer God is frequent in most of his rants, and his most infamous one was of the communist computer God.

Image for postWorldwide Gangster Computer God as illustrated by the Francis E. Dec fan club.

But what is the Computer God? What are deadly touch tarantula spiders, or for the matter what does he mean by Bloody Murder Accidents? Well to make sense of his rants, you have to know his history, because all of his rants talk about the pivotal parts of his life he deems incredibly troubling, such as his detention in Canada, or his disbarment in New York.

It?s hard to make complete sense of his manifestos, as yes they are written crazily and haphazardly that it?s almost a miracle that zer0, the main transcriber of his rants, was ever able to manage to transcribe them at all. But thankfully, through his website I was able to find out more about these rants, their meanings, Francis E Dec?s history, and the fascinating lexicon he personally had when making these rants.

For now, it?s time we dive deeper, much deeper, into these rants.

For the most part, it seemed that Francis? rants were mainly focused on the self-created fantasy of the history of the world, and the history of the Worldwide Mad Dead Communist Computer God.

What exactly is the Computer God is, well, generally unknown. Some would speculate that it?s representative of the internet, though it?s hard to say. To Francis, it seemed as though it was his manifestation of a all-knowing, sentient computer that controls all of humanity through radio Frankenstein controls, as he?d call it. According to Francis, this computer God was constructed by the Slavonic Polish People to assist them in their global empire, but then, it soon gained a mind of it?s own and ruled over not only the polish, but the people of the world as well. It has controlled people for hundreds of years now.

What?s interesting about his history of the computer and how he tells the story is that, if Francis weren?t a complete out of wack schizophrenic, he might have actually been a genius sci-fi writer far ahead of his time. Reading and hearing his rants, personally, I?m almost certain that the world of literature could learn a thing or two from this man. See, Francis? description of an AI controlling world or technology going far beyond the point of singularity is something that can only be thought up of from the greatest of sci-fi writers at the time, ranging from media like Blade Runner, or Ghost in the Shell, or even the Matrix. All of these ideas are fascinating and original, if not anti-sematic and racially fulled. These ideas are coming from a man from the 60s, Star Wars wasn?t even out until 1977. 2001 a Space Odyssey didn?t even come out until 1968, and that was after Francis began his computer god rants in 1965.

Aside from the Computer God Sci Fi rant, Francis also came up with the idea of Astrocism, which he believed was the true religion of mankind, and is one that observed the universe as is.

Image for postAstrocism as illustrated by zer0.

There were no metaphysical aspects of this made-up religion, just the idea of progression through science, mainly astronomy, and the physical laws of nature as we know them. Francis believed this religion was the first one mankind ever had and ever needed, until the computer God destroyed the religion and brainwashed all of mankind into believing other religions, such as Catholicism, which Francis is not a fan of.

He refers to the church as a religion where the Pope frequently engages in quote ?High Holy Communion Sodomy with Endless Nuns?, and believes the computer god made the religion in order to confuse and disorientate the human race, and slow their progress.

It?s not just Catholics either, but Jews as well. Francis constantly refers to the Jews in a negative connotation, much of which I can?t really repeat in this article, so you?ll have to read his manifestos yourself. To put it short, he?s a pretty big anti-semite, but I wouldn?t take it to heart. Francis hates pretty much everyone. Gangsters, judges, officers, the American Government, the CIA, communism, Nazis, black people, Jews, Catholics, tarantulas, and even his own brother, who I feel sympathy towards.

Joseph Dec wasn?t a schizophrenic, but it seemed that he loved his brother very much. When Forrest, the man who played that prank on Francis, sent Joseph a message about how he knew of Francis and his mental well-being, it can be shown just how oddly sane Joseph is.

Image for postA letter from Joseph I. Dec, in response to Forrest Jackson.

He seemed genuinely happy that someone acknowledged his brother, and seemingly cared for him, even though Francis wanted to maliciously prank the old bastard. Not only this, but keep in mind Joseph sheltered Francis when he didn?t have a home, and he even gave Francis this house after Joseph moved out. After destroying the floor and walls, Joseph began reconstructing the very home he left behind.

It was also made apparent by one of the nurses that Joseph visited Francis several times a week and tried to communicate with him, with Francis only responding a few times here and there. It?s tragic to see a good brother like Joseph having to carry the burden of his severely mentally sick brother, but it?s good to see him at least try to get him the help he needed. After all, Joseph was the one that got him into the hospital in the first place.

Some of the other rants though, seem more like hit pieces more so than a conspiracy theory. I mean, yes they are still mad drivels of a man who?d lost his mind several years ago, but his targets, his true intention of exposure, was always tucked away in the sea of madness he laid upon the rural areas of Nassau County New York. In some of these letters, he mentioned certain judges, certain attorneys, and certain individuals that made it so high up in his hit list, that he decided it?d be appropriate to talk about how they work for the worldwide computer God.

Though if I were to be honest, if I were to talk about Francis? rants, I?d be talking about them all night long, and this article has been going on for too long. I guess in a sense I was starstruck to find out so much about a man whom was previously a mystery to me. Now, thanks to the official Francis E. Dec fan club, I was not only able to recount the history of the madness behind Francis E Dec, but I was also able to find the many rants that I had no idea existed. But I think I should end it here, and Ihope that I was able to represent him in a way that gave you a better light into who he was.

If you?re curious to hear more of his rants in full, then visit the link below to the fan club website where you can read them all, raw and unfiltered. Just keep in mind, the man behind these ravings is a sick and hate filled person, and there are a ton of racial slurs he says that frankly can be a bit uncomfortable. Francis is unapologetic, but if you can get passed the politics, then you?re in for a pretty entertaining time.

I want to thank Zer0 and his team for keeping up with everything Francis E Dec has done in his life, like, 90 percent of the info I?m spewing out now was from this website he made with friends and fans, and there?s a ton I didn?t even mention that?s worth checking out if you?re interested.


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