The Box Social by James Reaney

The Box Social by James Reaney

(Extended by Mathew Barta)

Image for postWritten by James ReaneyImage for postWritten by James ReaneyImage for postWritten by James ReaneyImage for postWritten by James Reaney

?I hated you so much, ? she said softly. *The rest is my own writing*

?You know it?s not polite to talk about the past at these kind of things. I love this little box it?s absolutely gorgeous and this meal, amazing must have taken you forever to prepare, ? he said in an attempt for civility. He examines the dead corpse with a smile. She looking relatively uncomfortable says ?it did, just under nine months.?

He bursts out laughing hysterically , capturing the attention of the room. He apologizes to all the other pairs trying to enjoy their meals. The sound of bones cracking returns the atmospheric background noise of chatter, ?That?s the spirit! It?s nice to see you again. You know I spent so much on this because I hope that we can still be friends??

He picks up the dead infant by the leg and offers her the other leg saying, ?I?m sure you remember the custom.? She shakes her head yes. He raises the baby bringing her hand with him, and says ?to a new beginning and to you. Welcome back dear.?

They both yank their respective legs and with the snap of bone breaking he holds up the larger piece with a smile, ?I guess I?m the one carving for today.? He pulls out a set of tools and methodically tears the flesh off the thigh and offers the first bite to Sylvia. She accepts and opens her mouth wide to allow the still bleeding piece of infant flesh in. She slowly and politely bites and swallows with a resounding smile.

?Elegant as always,? he says as he rips the left femur from the socket it was so firmly connected to. She says ?So worth it! I?m so happy with how he turned out. You don?t deserve such a meal for what you did to me.?

He lifts the leg to his mouth and tears off a piece, significantly less elegantly. As he chews she adds, ?Good isn?t it??

He smiles and breaks the other leg and places it on her plate. ?I am truly sorry. If I could change what I did I would, but I can?t. I can apologize from now to the end of time and beg forgiveness, but in the end I can?t change it. I mean so what, I cheated? Even the best of men do.?

She chooses to eat instead of responding. He takes a spoon and scoops the eyes out of the torn apart carcass of what used to be an infant with precision and intent. He throws one eye up in the air and catches it in his mouth and with a chilling pop he chews, ?You know you?re supposed to save that for last?? Sylvia interjects with a coy tone of voice.

He gestures yes and eats the other. She smiles, he winks back. ?Always was your favorite part,? she mumbles.

?I?m getting full. Can we skip the main part and go to the end?? he asks. She reluctantly agrees. He grabs a hammer with a chisel and cuts a square off top of the baby skull, with one swift movement he cracks the cranium and opens it fully with the back of the hammer. She and him both pick up spoons and dig in. They eat in silence. The only sounds come from the other couple snapping and ripping the bones off their respective meals.

?Where is your new girl anyhow?? Sylvia asks him. ?I killed her,? he says as he licks the blood off his spoon. ?YUM!?


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