The Boo Theory

The Boo Theory

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In Monsters Inc, a prominent character is Boo. Obviously. However is Boo a main character in Monsters Inc or is Boo the central character in many Pixar and Disney films.

There is a theory that Boo became Violet from The Incredibles. There is credible evidence for this, exampling: both of them look similar. Also, remember the scene in Monsters Inc where Sully closes the door throwing Boo inside and when Sully turns around, she is outside. This could be early stages of her powers. This matches what we see in The Incredibles, when Violet is happy (as Boo is) her powers work however when she is stressed or under pressure (Like when Boo and Sully are stuck with Randell) her powers do not work as well.

Some may now refer to the theory of Jack Jack where he is still finding his power. That Jack Jacks shape shifting is that of a stem cell. He hasn?t specialized yet. And this should happen to Boo. However Boo is older and could have specialized by now. Which means that Boo could have been in a similar state when she was younger. Another question of age has arisen to me. In the movie Monsters INC, we see that Boo?s real name is Mary. Obviously then Boo can not be Violet from The Incredibles. But if you are to believe that then you must also believe that Dash (Dashal) was called this before they knew his power? My belief is that ?Mary? is her name but once she knows her powers her actual name is later confirmed, or, at some point in her growing up they have to be relocated as a family again (like we see at the end of the film. ) which would mean that they had to change their names due to the protection program. Of course whether this is true or not will be confirmed in Incredibles 2.

Boo is next seen in Toy Story 3 where she has a brief cameo at the daycare center. Holding a blue cat. Or should I say kitty. She still remembers Sully, or is she still in contact with Sully? You will remember that at the end of Monsters Inc Sully rebuilds the door and is happy after opening it. Suggesting that he found Boo. This could mean that they have had consistent contact.

This would also correlate to the theory of Monsters Inc being in the future. If Boo (Violet) can travel to the future through Sully?s door then she has access to the knowledge of an advanced time. Enabling her to become more advanced in her era.

Over time, this leads to the theory of Boo being the witch from Brave. The witch in Brave contacts Merida through little blue wisp?s. She also does carpentry and there is a carving of Sully in her shop. Also, the witch changes to her lair by entering a door. The idea here is that Boo came from the future back to the time of Brave. Her carpentry, in the time of Brave, is wooden sculptures, however the doors in Monsters Inc are also wood making them a form of carpentry. Also, after their meeting, the witches hut completely disappears but this could not be because of a door, that wouldn?t make sense. But Violets force field and invisibility does. As she is now much older, it is possible that she can now create a force field of invisibility. Who?s to say her hut disappeared, why can?t it be invisible. Merida never walked over the land to see if it was gone. So it could just be invisible.

So why go back. Why Merida? The Pixar Theory states that for Boo to learn time travel, she must use as much magic as she can. So she went back to the will of the whisps. Where she also discovered that Wood is the main source of energy. This is seen as the tree is what gives flick his energy in a Bugs life, a tree is also used as the start of life in Wall-E and the doors used in Monsters Inc are wooden apart from the banishment door which is metal.

Well, my own theory now! Merida is the beginning of the line of Disney humans (There is Dinosaur and Hercules but they do not follow the Disney feel, for example Hercules is based off of an original Greek Myth and the dinosaurs gets wiped out). Merida is a strong minded skilful girl who fights against what others think. She is also the first person (time wise) who introduced the idea of animals having human characteristics (Obviously, Boo gave this through her magic but it was specifically designed to go to the queen as opposed to other theories where it is said that Boo was just practicing). If Merida didn?t meet the witch, the Disney universe wouldn?t have evolved to when the future has animals (monsters) as the dominant race making her meeting Boo non-existent! Therefore Boo has to make sure that Merida makes that connection.

Now for the detail. This is called the Pixar theory. The world starts with the humans (Brave) and the Animals. As time goes through, machines are invented, but the machines become stronger and are made intelligent from Syndrome in The Incredibles. The Omnidrod has learning AI which evolves to the extent of it being in most common households. Leading to Toy Story. But the animals are not far behind. Leading to Finding Nemo where the Fish have become very advanced. Then a war broke out between humans and machines leading to Wall-E. In Toy Story 2 we see that machines need humans to live. So after the war, the machines send the humans to a controlled environment where the machines can control us like we have controlled them. Having us available only when they need us. So they sent us to space. (Just a slight tangent, the company that controls the world in Wall-E ?Buy N Large? is also company that throws Mr Frederickson out of his home in Up) however when the humans return to earth we see them plant a tree which, during credits, we see grows into the tree from A Bugs Life. Also we see in Wall-E that animals survived this war, as Wall-E has his pet cockroach. Animals then evolved into monsters due to the global radiation left behind from Buy N Large Eventually wiping out the humans as the monsters saw us as a threat. So the monsters have to go back in time to rely on the humans for their energy. Leading back to Boo. Now one can say that Brave and Monsters Inc are centuries apart so Boo would be long dead. But! The doors are the key (get it) the doors time travel. So Boo can be alive at any point due to the time travel.

Another reason why Boo must go to see Merida would come as royalty. The Royals are STARS in Disney. The most famous thing being Disney princesses. But why are they ALL princesses. Now here?s where it becomes crazy. I believe that it?s not only the same world. But the the same family!

There is already a theory connecting Bell to Jane and Tarzan to Elsa. The theory goes that Rapunzel is Elsa and Anna?s cousin. Hence why the King and Queen go to Rapunzel?s wedding. Rapunzel and Eugene are seen in Frozen and Frozen was released almost exactly three years after Tangled. Which is also the time scale between the death of the King and Queen and Elsa?s Coronation. But the ship crashed they didn?t die. One director of Frozen has said that they survived, moved to an island, had a son and were eaten by a jaguar. This is of course Tarzan. The King and Queen of Arendelle birthed Tarzan while on the ship. This makes no sense you ask. As Norway (Frozen) to Germany (Tangled) leaves Denmark in the middle. Leading to the Little Mermaid. But you will remember that Ariel investigates a ship WRECK. Their ship didn’t wreck. It went off course and ended up somewhere at Africa. And what?s on that journey? England!

This is where Jane enters. Belle and Jane are relatives you see. They both look similar. Dress similar and have similar interests in men. But how would Bell (French) become Jane (British) a theory has been found. Involving the French revolution. This would’ve moved Bell and Beast out of France to an ally. Germany. While here they would have had a son. Who is now commonly known as the Duke of Weasel Town? This is thought because the time periods add up and also, it is believed that the Duke is from Germany (even though it isn?t specifically said) due to his pronunciation of Weasel Town. Germans would pronounce it Ves-sel-tun which sounds a lot like the way the Duke does pronounce it. However at the end of Frozen, the Duke is cut off of all trade, this means that if he didn’t make new trade he would go bankrupt. But at this time (1800s) the industrial revolution in England would have spread to Germany. It is then thought that the Duke moved to England to continue work and trade in the new industrial era. It is then thought that he either brought a son over or while he was there he had a son. This would be Jane?s Father. By comparing Jane?s Father to the duke you will see that they are quite similar, Looks and personality. This leading to the birth of Jane. And who does Jane marry? Tarzan, The prince of Arendelle. Tarzan was birthed on the ship by the King and Queen when they crashed in Africa.

Thank You for Reading what I have so far. Please feel free to comment and help me improve this theory!


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