The Black Eagle Trust: Is There a Hidden Financial System Based On a Large Gold Treasure? [infographic]

The Black Eagle Trust: Is There a Hidden Financial System Based On a Large Gold Treasure? [infographic]

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1. Yamashita?s Gold is the name for gold that was allegedly recovered from Japan after she fell in World War II. The gold is said to be the accumulation of thousands of years of plundering East Asian regimes. The Philippines are generally regarded as the primary location where Yamashita?s gold was stored.

2. Part of the recovered gold was used to setup the Black Eagle Trust, a trust allegedly created during the Bretton Woods agreement. It is said to be a political slush fund that has provided financing for numerous covert political agendas.

3. Stories of counterfeit bonds of incredibly large denominations and uncharacteristic designs ? such as a 1 billion unit (presumably dollars, though the unit is not specified) Kennedy bonds featuring former US President John F. Kennedy on the front and pictures of space rocket ships on the back, as well as the Japanese ?57? bonds ? continue to recur. The alleged counterfeits have been deemed to be authentic by some, such as University of Southern California professor Edmund Lausier, but are routinely dismissed as fake. Those who assert generally claim they are derivatives that are based on Yamashita?s gold that is in the Black Eagle Trust.

4. The most damning evidence supporting the notion that Yamashita?s gold can be found in the story of Rogelio Roxas, an amateur Filipino treasure hunter. Roxas found several tons of gold ? allegedly one of the treasure sites of Yamashita?s gold. As word spread, this gold was then seized by Filipino president Ferdinand Marcos. Roxas initiated a lawsuit against Marcos in Hawaii in 1988 that culminated in the court awarding Roxas $43 billion ? the largest judgment in a civil lawsuit in world history.

5. The Roxas vs. Marcos case brought forward more witnesses and evidence supporting the notion that Yamashita?s gold is real. Specifically, the lawsuit referenced two Australian real estate brokers, John Doel, and Michael O?Brien, who possessed contracts in which Ferdinand Marcos wished to pay an amount equivalent to approximately 1.63 trillion US dollars in gold in exchange for real estate in Australia. This would suggest that Marcos possessed over 100,000 tons of gold that could be used for this real estate transaction. Robert Curtis, a witness who testified in the trial with experience in metallurgy and mining, stated that Marcos consulted him regarding selling large quantities of gold without disrupting the gold market, as well as in building a vault that could store between 200,000 and 500,000 metric tons of gold. The entire supply of gold in the world is reported to be 171,300 metric tons.

6. Following the Roxas vs. Marcos court case in which Roxas was awarded a judgment by the jury, 96 members of the 16th Infantry Battalion and 51st Engineering Brigade of the Filipino Army signed a joint affidavit stating that they recovered 60,000 tons of gold from 30 sites on behalf of Marcos.

Is there really considerably more gold in the world than what has been reported? Is there a hidden financial system in the world? How might this impact prices, opportunities, and risks for traders?

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