The Birth of Monkey-Cat Meme

The Birth of Monkey-Cat Meme

I love memes. They always make me smirk and add more emotion and emphasis to a tweet or sentence. However, if you really do know me, you would know that the one thing I love more than memes are cats. So you could only imagine the joy I had once I first stumbled upon the meme of the stuffed cat sitting on the box. If you are not sure as to which one I am talking about I have provided the picture below:

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I could not tell you as to why I find this meme so funny, but it just always seems to make me laugh. Maybe its because it provides the perfect reaction picture to those ?why me? or ?what are you doing?!?? moments.

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The Origin.

The meme was originally posted August 5th 2013 on Deviant Art by artist AnyaBoz. The picture which according to the album title, was a Persian Cat Room Guardian. When originally posting the first photo, AnyaBoz described Room Guardians as creatures which protect your homes from negative spirits and energies, by keeping watch over the room.

Room Guardians are small creatures that protect one?s home from negative spirits and energies. These friends can be easily placed on window sills, kitchen shelves, dressers, or wherever to keep watch over the room. (Source : AnyaBoz)

Despite the fact that they look furry and squishy, Room Guardians actually have a solid body with bendable arms, legs, necks and tails. Inside each of the Room Guardians chests is a unique crystal heart, which gives each one a different energy.

Image for postOne of the original Images posted by AnyaBoz. (Source:

The Beginning of the Meme.

In early 2016, this album of pictures went viral in the form of a reaction memes. The first reaction image was posted on February 5th 2016 from @ratchetpeoplemeet Instagram page. Within the first week the image gained upwards of 8,500 likes, and started to explode all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It was then that AnyaBoz updated the Deviant Art collection stating that the picture had ?become somewhat of meme? and asked for the public to ?credit Anyaboz in the description somewhere [when posting the picture]?.

Image for postThe first meme posted via @ratchetpeoplemeet

Soon after the posting of the cat on Instagram, the next best thing happened. It hit the face of Reddit. On February 7th, captainchase submitted the photograph to the subreddit /r/photoshopbattles , in which it was described as a ?monkey looking thing.? Within 24 hours, the ?monkey looking thing? had gathered 2,100 votes (91% upvoted) and 100 comments. And Reddit of course, did the ?Reddit thing? and created hundreds of edited versions of the image.

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Yet here we are late into October and this meme is still appearing everywhere over my timeline, and boy am I loving it!! These memes just seem to give me the best laugh. I could honestly post hundreds of these on this blog and not get tired. Personally, I believe the reason why this meme has become an internet sensation is because this is probably the reaction most of us have when put into WTF situations or situations were you have been completely screwed over.

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