“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love without the intention of loving her” -Bob Marley

“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love without the intention of loving her” -Bob Marley

We live in a society that blames women for everything. For our choices in men, the fall of the black family, single motherhood, fatherless homes, colorism, objectification of women, the holocaust, slavery, and 2 pac?s death.

Constantly soul searching, going to conferences, buying relationship books, evolving and growing. Most of my male counterparts are uninterested in personal development and deficient in interpersonal communication skills. The ?boys will be boys, and men will be men,? blanket statement that ?covers? all men from any responsibility when it comes to being accountable for their behavior. I will not join the pacify party and I will not drink the patriarch, misogynistic kool-aid.

Guys: Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

ME: Ok. well why drink the ?milk? and you know you don?t want to be with her?

Guys: ?If he wanted you, he would pursue you? a man knows what he wants.?

ME: Well then gentleman STOP sending mixed signals, playing hot/cold, manipulating, then bait and switch. You reel her in just to throw her away like trash when you?re done with her. You gave empty promises, and lead her to a beautiful dead end like Delilah? seduce? lure? then trap! You act surprised when a woman ?catches feelings.?

Guys: ?Why should a man value you, if you don?t value yourself?

ME: You don?t have the right to treat anyone like garbage.

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You walk around all macho. The truth is you hate yourself. The way you treat others is how you feel about you. Walking into someone?s like with the intent to cause harm is not admirable. Then you press the reset button?now you have amnesia to the part you played in hurting her.

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It slays me how the same men will manipulate a woman, lie to her, pretend like he?s interested only to call her stupid and blame her for believing in him. All men were in an uproar when the #wastehistime2016 came out. They were upset because, they felt like women were taking it too far. First of all, they were just tweets. Second of all, it was satire, based on what men have been doing to women since B.C. (Before Christ). Wasting our time, then playing dumb. They countered with #wastehertime2016 I know they didn?t have to try hard to come up with scenarios. This is second nature to some men. Ya?ll I tried, but I can?t. I want to but I still can?t. I can?t deal with the ?LADIES get your life together? conversation while men get to give us mediocrity and we?re supposed to accept scraps from them.

It?s crazy how individuals get when you call men out on their crap. You?re bitter, You?re male bashing, You hate men? I don?t hate men I just don?t tolerate the BS any more. It?s amazing how Men will call women out all the time. Slut shame, and disrespect women it?s just called ?Keeping it real.? You came from being Kings and you keep acting like peasants. All I want is for men to do better. ?He?ll change for the right woman.? It?s not the woman?s responsibility to develop a man?s moral character that?s an inside job between a man and His Maker. Character Flaws that ruin other people?s lives is unacceptable. All I?m saying is WAKE UP!

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