The Best 100 Pieces of Life Advice I’ve Ever Heard

The Best 100 Pieces of Life Advice I’ve Ever Heard

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We heard a lot advice in our lives, from our parents, friends, teachers, bosses, and strangers. Everyone has come from a different walk of life.

I want to share the best 100 pieces life advice I?ve ever heard so you don?t have to learn the hard way. Some of these were coming from a homeless person at a casino one night.

I?m going to make them in three different parts.

1?34 is work related.

35?55 is about making life easier

and 56?100 is life lessons.

This is a big list so here?s the PDF for later

Work advice

Cut back from 1 hour meetings ? No one likes meetings, especially the longer ones. Focus on meetings to be 30 minutes max, it keeps things concise and efficient.

Walk like Steve Jobs ? Steve loved to have important talks while walking. This keeps conversations more flexible and easier process for brainstorming if needed to be. Not to mention we could all use more exercise in our life.

Visualize your success- There?s conducted studies that have shown that people who practice and visualize their success were more likely to reach it than people who just practiced. It helps with job interviews, relationships, and hobbies.

Listen more ? You?ve probably heard this one a lot. Always seek to understand before having an opinion. You have two ears and one mouth. There?s a reason for that.

Limit your daily tasks ? I?ve mentioned this before and what I stick to in The One Step Journal, just stick with 3 tasks you want to achieve today. Keep asking yourself ?Do I really need to do this today??

Set goals ? Don?t expect to achieve anything if you don?t know what your end goal is supposed to be. Set destination, then set sail.

Celebrate all the successes ? no matter how small, a win is a win, especially when we take losses harder than we should. Take advantage of it.

Ask yourself why more often ? One of the best questions to understand this world and we don?t ask it enough. This will help find your path towards your happiness.

Play to your strengths ? You?ll be good in certain aspet in life and terrible in others. Find out what you?re good at and make it a priority in every situation you can.

Don?t burn bridges ? This world is smaller than you think, especially if you?re in a niche market. Not everyone needs to know you dislike them. Find humor in the faults and move on.

View challenges as opportunities ? This is how we improve as a person because life has constant challenges every day. There really isn?t an excuse be the same person year after year.

Find a way to shorten your commute ? it?s one the biggest time sinks in our life and it?s not healthy either. Really consider this in your career, your future self will thank you.

Test what you know ? In the marketing field, there?s always testing to make sure the correct image or words brings the best results. This can be applied to every field. If there?s an alternative, try to find out if it?s better.

Be willing to try something at least once ? Never get stuck with those ?what if? questions. If you want to venture into a different career or try a new hobby, do the smallest things you can experience it.

Always give credit ? People can be upset for using their stuff without permission, but they will be more willing to forgive if you always give credit where it is due. Always be a team player.

Every person as experienced something that you haven?t ? Be nice to people, you don?t know if they can help you with your career later in life.

Make decisions based on data if you can ? Numbers don?t lie

Trust your gut ? Data based decisions are only helpful if you have data, if not, always trust your gut.

Follow the 80/20 rule ? 20% of your work will bring 80% of your results. Find that 20% work and focus on that.

Use the 10 year test ? The 10 year test is simply asking yourself ?Will this matter in 10 days, 10 months or years?? If yes, then consider it a priority, if not, it?s not that big of a deal.

Do what you love ? life is really short, if you don?t love the work you?re doing or isn?t leading to the work that you?ll enjoy, then it?s not worth doing.

Focus on making an impact ? Make your work meaningful and if your work isn?t, do something about it. Ask yourself ?If this was my last day, would I feel content??

Take initiative ? I?ve had problems with this and that?s making an impact without being told what to do. This separates successful from the mediocre

Build a personal brand ? It?s the best way to get other people to understand who you are as a professional. Make an effort in your industry?s community. There?s tons of groups to be a part of that are one google search away.

Get on LinkedIn ? In this day and age, it?s never been easier for a recruiter or to network with the people who can help your career the most. It?s really become the digital resume.

Make an effort to network ? this goes hand in hand with my previous tip. Networking is a lot like finding friends, you find something you have in common and able to help each other out with questions or with someone else you know.

Stay humble ? Remember where you came from and there?s always someone better than you at something.

Never fear failure ? My biggest failures have been always the most life changing. People like J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series got constant rejection from publishers, Steve Jobs lost Apple, Oprah got fired at 23. Not of those failures stopped them from being successful.

Have Heros ? On your path to success, you?ll find people who believe in you. Embrace them, even if it?s just your mom.

Embrace the haters ? You?ll have people who doubt you. Let this be a motivation to make them wrong.

Be transparent whenever possible ? This is a personal philosophy of mine. People will be more empathetic and forgiving if you communicate why you?ve made your choices. People can get the wrong idea if you?re not communicating properly.

Get a standing desk when you can ? Sitting has really become the new smoking in this generation.

Work smart ? If you don?t want to work hard, work smart. This is how you get things down with the least amount of energy possible.

Find mentors who are living the life you want ? This is great networking as well someone to help you be accountable in where you want to be in life.

Life Tips

Freeze your fruits & vegetables ? It?ll keep them lasting longer and easily used in smoothies, soups, and stews.

Look into cheaper entertainment ? Use netflix or youtube over cable, library over the bookstore.

Clean your house once a month ? Declutter the house, declutter the mind. If you haven?t used something in over a year, donate it.

Have happy reminders ? a quick video or image that will instantly make you smile will improve your happiness.

Get a chap stick keychain ? never lose it again

Host events ? the fastest way to build a relationship with as many people as possible. On a budget? Make a potluck.

Invest in a good mattress ? You?ll be spending a third of your life on it, make it count.

Iron a shirt without an iron ? If you don?t have an iron, hang up your clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. Afterwards blow it dry with a hair dryer.

Arrive at least 2 hours before your flight time ? especially if it?s international; murphy?s law like to happen.

Pack food for your flight ? it?s more cost effective and probably healthier

Move to reduce turbulence ? whenever you?re hitting turbulence on a flight, move your body side-to-side and you?ll feel less of it.

Charge your phone faster ? Put it on airplane mode and it?ll charge faster

Get an extra battery pack ? in a worst case scenario, having a dead phone can be a life or death situation.

Remove as much processed foods as you can ? The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the healthier you will be.

Don?t live someone else?s life ? learn to have your own passions, thoughts, and goals. This is your life.

Reduce the caffeine ? chances are you drink too much coffee and/or soda in your diet. Look into exercise, meditation, or drinking water to feel focused and awake.

Slow down ? I completely understand there?s only so much time in a day. This is also a great way to burn yourself out and not think properly.

Color code your keys ? With so many keys, it?s hard to remember what they all are. Green for apartment, red for garage door, etc. They?re everywhere on amazon or use paint.

Use a small garbage can in your car ? We get messy and we all know our cars can become a second home of storage. It?s a great way to keep it clean.

Hang a tennis ball in your garage ? A friend always had problems getting his car in straight until he has done this. Now he knows when to stop moving forward.

Remove odors with newspaper ? This surprisingly works well, keeping shoes from getting putrid.

Life Tips

Learn something new everyday ? This can be a new language, a skill, a trivial fact, this will make become interesting and a better person.

Remember people?s names ? People are more likely to like you if you say their name to them. It shows that you care and can recognize their presence.

Focus more on the present ? Don?t regret the past and don?t be anxious about the future. Appreciate what is happening right now.

Listen to your body ? sleep when you?re tired, stretch when you feel stiff, stop eating that 2nd hamburger when your full.

Learn to forgive ? Mistakes happen and judges never benefit you. Just move on to what the future brings.

Read more ? No one regrets reading more than they should. It improves attention span, creativity, comprehension, and so much more. They?re always better than the movies as well.

You are the 5 people you surround yourself with ? So surround yourself with people that inspire you.

Learn to say no ? There?s only so much time in the day, only say yes to those that bring the most benefits.

Travel whenever you can ? The greatest experiences are seeing other cultures and getting new perspective on life.

Follow your gut ? Never compromise who you are as a person, if a situation doesn?t make you comfortable, it?s not a situation worth being in.

Don?t fear change ? This is how we improve and nothing stays the same forever. Embrace it

Clean during the moment ? Instead of cleaning the whole house in one go, take a few minutes every day to clean a room or even a smaller area.

Silence can be golden ? You don?t need to fill up with words when silence has its own voice.

When in doubt, say, ?Let me think about that.? ? This a polite way to get more time to think about something and lets the person in question know you?re taking it seriously.

Do the important task first ? You don?t need me to tell you this, if it didn?t need to do then it wasn?t important to begin with.

Use the ?We?ll see? method ? When something horrible has happened in your life, say ?We?ll see? because sometimes things must fall apart to fall into place.

Meditate more ? Such a great way to relieve stress, anger, and concentration.

Understand that most people don?t care about you ? and that?s okay. There?s no worry to care what others think.

There are people who care about you ? those are ones who need to seek the most.

Pack your clothes by rolling them ? you?ll get a lot more space to hold more. Amazing when traveling.

You are in charge of your life ? Figure out what makes you happy and do everything you can to keep it that way.

Compliment yourself every day ? positivity can really change your outlook on life. Be proud of yourself.

Take a deep breath ? realize how far you?ve come in life. Ya, there were a lot of things you?ve accomplished.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a destination ? If you think ?once I have _____ I?ll be happy?. You?re going to find out that happiness can only come from within.

YOLO ? You truly only live once, don?t regret anything you can do today.

Underpromise and overdeliver ? Reliability is a virtue. So many people do the opposite, don?t be one of them.

Be fearless ? Fear is what stops us from our dreams. Never let that stop you.

Be in a relationship with your best friend ? It?s all about compromises and loving someone for who they are.

Be curious ? it?ll open your mind and bring more passion to your life once you understand how things are in this world.

Think about how you can help others ? It?s how others will remember you first and foremost.

Time is the most valuable thing you can spend in this world ? You never be able to get it back no matter what.

Someone else?s success might not work for you ? We?re all on a different path, and sometimes we need to go backwards in order to go forward.

Get an idea jar ? whenever you think of something fun, but don?t have the time for it, write it down and put it in a jar. When you?re bored, take one out and do it.

Don?t suppress emotions ? This is unhealthy and only makes everything worse.

Be willing to smile more ? it makes you happier, it?s contagious, lowers stress, more trustworthy, and more competent ? all costing you nothing.

Always keep it simple ? Don?t make things harder than they have to be. Simplify everything when possible.

Don?t get attached to stuff ? Nothing lasts forever, so don?t base your happiness on materialistic things.

Choose experience over things ? The impact they have over your life will last you a lifetime guaranteed.

Don?t compare yourself ? just compare yourself to you were yesterday

Do something for someone ? It?s the easiest way to make someone show that you care. There?s tons of ideas on pinterest.

Love yourself first ? It?s a cliche that you need to love yourself first before you can love others. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the better you can love someone else.

Words have more power than you think ? Say ?There is a problem with the project? compared to ?There?s an opportunity to make the project better?. Which one sounds better?

Learn to let go ? you may have noticed I said that previously, but it?s that important.

Everyone has a story ? Everyone has experienced your problems at least once in their life. Do a quick google search about a problem you have, there?s a good chance someone has asked that somewhere. Learn from it.

Share your wisdom ? Just like I do because this is what truly makes the world go round and makes it better for future generations.

I hope this has changed your life as it has for me. Best 100 pieces life advice I?ve ever heard,

It?s never too late to be a better person and it all starts with you.

What?s the best piece of advice you?ve heard?

Know someone that could use some motivational boost? Give a recommendation and share it with them!

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