The Beats By Dre Trademark Emphasizes Brand Superiority With Impactful Imagery

The Beats By Dre Trademark Emphasizes Brand Superiority With Impactful Imagery

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Beats By Dre Is Industry-Leading Audio Products With A Personality

Beats by Dre is an American brand known for producing audio products ? from headphones and earbuds to speakers. But they are probably most known for their original, stellar over-the-head headphones that were touted to provide superior listening experiences.

Headphones were their bread and butter when they first opened up shop. These headphones looked and felt much different than the competition at the time. They were simple and sleek. They were modern and innovative. These designs offered listeners a better quality listening experience, putting music first.

The brand was created by Jimmy Iovine and rap icon Dre. Dre in 2006, but the high-end headphones didn?t hit the scene until 2008. The headphones clocked in at around $300 per headphone, which was astonishing at the time. But they sold like crazy, and the two have worked to grow this brand into a worldwide sensation.

Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats) is a leading audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Through its family of premium consumer headphones, earphones and speakers, Beats has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. The brand?s continued success helps bring the energy, emotion and excitement of playback in the recording studio back to the listening experience for music lovers worldwide.

The Beats brand was acquired by Apple in 2014, and it has gone down in history as one of the largest acquisitions for Apple ever at a whopping three million.

The brand name ?Beats? comes from music that comes out of the speakers. It?s a brand all about the music. It?s a brand that cares about musical integrity, creating products that can connect users with this auditory art.

This notoriety comes from the brand?s exciting and innovative products. These sleek and sophisticated headphones were life changing when they were first introduced. And they still stand strong and resolute.

The modern and fresh overall look of the brand comes from a collaboration with creative design studio Ammunition. The agency began working with the brand when they first started creating these music-listening products, and have helped shape the face of the brand in consumers? minds.

But looking at the logo design, the image might look familiar. While the team at Ammunition created a whole brand identity, logo included, for this modern music brand, they definitely pulled from design influences that date back decades.

This sleek and colorful logo looks a lot like the logo created in 1977 by Anton Stankowski. The well-known designer created a city identity for the German city of Stadt Brhl, and as you can see, the swirly simplicity of the two logos match almost exactly.

There are some differences, of course. There?s a difference in color and size and shape slightly, but overall these two logos are lookalikes of one another.

But that doesn?t mean this logo isn?t iconic and engaging. The Beats by Dre logo is unique, modern fresh and creative. It?s a sophisticated symbol that captures the essence of the brand and it niche with ease.

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The Beats By Dre Logo Combines Bold Colors With Smooth Illustration

The Beats by Dre logo is made up of two parts ? a dynamic illustration and a smooth wordmark. But first, let?s look at the most eye-catching element of this design.

This illustration is often seen on its own, and it sits on products like a moniker of excellence and creativity. It stands strong and resolute ? it knows its power and strength and shows this off to consumers.

The creative icon that sits at the center of this design is a swirly, sleek and bold circular design that embodies the brand and its commitment to quality music products. The image is bright and exciting. It?s modern and creative. It?s a symbol that grabs your attention and stays with you long after you?ve looked away.

This design starts as a bright, bold and bombastic circular image. At first, it looks like a bullseye, but upon closer inspection, there is more meaning to the white circular space that sits within. Inside this vivid red circle is another, smaller white circle with a line reaching up and out of the design. It looks like a cutout, and it takes on the shape of a lowercase B letter.

This design is sleek, sophisticated and modern. The B stands for the B in Beats, and it adds another layer to the design that is extremely engaging. It also adds a dynamic element to this design, the smooth line flowing around and up into the sky situating it as an image of excellence.

But it also takes on the shape of another familiar image. When looking at the Beats headphones, you notice the smooth sleekness of their shape. They don?t look like your run of the mill bulky headphones divided into separate parts ? the ear covering and the headpiece. No, these designs are one solid, sleek and smooth design. They?re thin, minimal and fluid. Similarly, this B is just as thin, smooth and lively.

Looking at this design, the white B looks just like the headphones themselves. The B is quite literally the same shape as the headphones. Looking at this image, it almost looks like you?re looking at someone?s head from the side, and this white cutout is the headphone set sitting on their head.

It?s an intuitive design that demands to be seen. It ties directly with the brand and its audio products and lets all who see it know exactly where their expertise lies.

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Beats By Dre?s Minimal Trademark Reassures Consumers Of Brand Quality With Its Smooth Typography

But it?s not just the clever and crafty icon that stands strong in this design. It is also the sleek and smooth wordmark that sits beneath that is extremely engaging and interactive. And it adds a comprehensiveness and a cohesiveness to the design that provides necessary context ? through the illustration, in all honesty, can stand on its own.

The wordmark in this design is soft, subtle and simple. It?s made up of a lowercase, fluid typography. The font is sans-serif in nature, but there?s a fluidity to the words that bring depth and movement. It glides along marketing materials and on posters, product packaging and the products themselves.

The wordmark is written in the same font as the etched out B in the illustration. And the first word is differentiated from the rest, sitting in that same bright and vivid red. This makes it jump from the medium, further promoting its importance and leadership in the industry. Beats is a groundbreaking brand that provides the best headphones and wireless speakers in the industry. This smooth brightness adds to that.

The rest of the wordmark is written in a subdued, grey font. It hangs back. It fades into the background. But it?s still important. It wants to be seen, but it also knows that it?s not as important as the rest of the design.

This writing is sleek, moving and creative. It?s soft but dynamic, rounding out this logo beautifully.

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The Beats Logo Design Captures Musical Integrity In A Modern Way

The Beats by Dre logo isn?t exactly the most innovative design ? it pulls heavily from past experiences in a straightforward and obvious way. But the subtle differences do elevate this logo design tenfold.

This is a soft and swirly logo with a modern twist. It?s created in the image of the products themselves. This logo is made up of two integral parts ? the icon and the wordmark.

The icon sits as a bright red circle. Inside of it, a white, curly B is carved out of it. These sleek lines mimic the lines of the headphones, this image looking like someone from the side wearing the beats headphones.

This imagery is powerful and recognizable. It takes on the look of a very familiar image and captures the brand?s identity perfectly. It?s refreshing to see a modern and creative logo that emulates the brand and its products in such a soft, fluid and exciting way. This brand does headphones. It does music. And it does it well.

The wordmark that accompanies this design is equally smooth and dynamic.

The lowercase typography flows in much the same font as the etched out B in the image. It flows with ease and adds a lightness to the design that moves you along with ease.

The ?Beats? word is written in that same bright red as well, with the accompanying ?by Dr. Dre? line following in a lighter, grey font.

This swirly font is approachable and engaging. It?s friendly and serene. It sits beneath the illustration in a simple, minimal way ? adding context and content to the design, though the illustration, in its obvious nature, doesn?t necessarily need it.

The Beats logo is modern, innovative and stunning. It pulls from past influences in a captivating way but paves its own path by taking on the look of the products it represents.

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