The average penis size of Chinese men is not bad

The average penis size of Chinese men is not bad

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Zimbabwe imports a huge number of condoms from China. Zimbabwe?s health minister complains that condoms produced in China and exported to the African nation are too small for their men.

The Chinese condom manufacturer Beijing Daxiang has started to produce big condoms for African countries.

I have read a report published in a Danish Scientific Journal that gives a list of the average penis sizes around the world. This is the summary:

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The average length of Chinese males is 12.9 cm. They cannot compete against African men who have 17,9 cm long penis which is 50% bigger than Chinese men’s average penis size.

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However, Chinese men can easily beat Koreans and other neighbor countries. Their size is bigger than the Asian average which is 10.8 cm. The average girth of erected penises of Chinese men is 12 cm that is not bad compared to their neighbors.

A group of urologists conducted a survey on 5196 healthy Chinese men. This the result:

The mean value of penile dimensions was a flaccid length of 6.5 0.7 cm, a stretched length of 12.9 1.2 cm and a flaccid circumference of 8.0 0.8 cm. In the subgroup of 311 males, the mean erectile length was 12.9 1.3 cm and the mean erectile circumference was 10.5 0.9 cm

It looks likes, scientists from different countries have got similar results. The average length is 12.9 cm and circumference is 12 cm for an erected penis.

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But surveys may not be very accurate because surveys are based on self-measured numbers; urologists did not measure in their clinic.

Chinese men are not very worried about their penis size. But many Chinese are apparently desperate to enhance their potency. Some Chinese people adopt bizarre methods like using powder Rhino horns and tiger bones.

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