The Art of Using a Pendulum

The Art of Using a Pendulum

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A traditional art for finding answers to modern-day questions

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How I use the pendulum

Each person uses a pendulum in the way that best suits their own purposes. My simple method has been carefully developed after lots of trial and error. The system I use has worked well for over 20 years now, and anyone is welcome to borrow and adapt it to suit their individual needs.

When searching for the answer to a question, the very first thing I do is to sit still and see if I might already know the answer. After a lifetime of listening to my intuition, I often find I already know what the answer will be.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s time to use my pendulum. As previously mentioned, I truly believe that penduluming helps amplify my intuition and provide access to knowledge from a higher realm, and am happy to put my pendulum to use if I find I don?t already know the answer.

To use my pendulum, I hold the fob in my right hand, lay my forearm on my right knee, and let the pendulum dangle between my knees. I wait until it is still and then I start by asking the following question:

?Please show me a ‘yes’ answer.?

For me, the “yes” signal is always revealed as the pendulum moving in a counterclockwise circle. For others, it could be a clockwise circle, a back and forth motion, or even no motion at all. Each person who uses a pendulum to find answers will have their own unique style of a “yes” answer.

I was only a small boy when I first accessed this power, and had no idea how important my natural gift would eventually become.

After that, I repeat the process and ask for a ?no? answer, which for me is usually a motionless pendulum.

A ?maybe? answer or a ?wrong question? signal for me is when the pendulum moves slightly back and forth.

When the answer is absolutely, positively “no,” the pendulum is so still it’s as if a hand was holding it, keeping it from moving at all.

After receiving my signals, I phrase my question in statement form, and always use the words, ?My higher self knows that. . . ?

I use this same technique for all sorts of questions, not just life or death issues, or matters of the soul.

For instance, if I want to know whether I should buy Jason Aldean concert tickets from a particular seller on StubHub, I would say, ?My higher self knows it?s to my highest good to buy Jason Aldean tickets from (name of seller) on StubHub.?

If the answer is “yes,” I buy the tickets. If the answer is “no,” I do more research. Occasionally, in situations like this, I find it might be to my highest good to stay home instead. And at other times I might even find another seller who has better tickets at a better price.

Over time I?ve learned to trust my intuition when using the pendulum, and often receive an answer that reinforces my original idea. Sometimes, though, I receive an answer that is the opposite of what I had initially been thinking.

For me, it always pays to check first, using the pendulum to guide me.

When more than a ?yes? or ?no? answer is needed

If the situation requires something more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no” answer, I often use the Pendulum Workbook by Markus Schirner.

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This book contains charts you hold your pendulum over to find an answer. For example, this chart can help you figure out which Bach Flower remedy to use for a particular situation.

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The book contains lots of similar charts which are all very easy to use. Other books on using pendulums are also available, if you can’t find this one.

Penduluming is an art

As with many of the arts, your product will improve with practice. When my mom and aunt first tested me, I didn?t realize the major role this gift was going to play in my life. I was only a small boy when I first accessed this power, and had no idea how important my natural gift would eventually become.

Being able to use a pendulum has changed the direction of my life radically on multiple occasions, and those changes have always been to my benefit.

Of all the arts I have tried to master, penduluming has made the most dramatic difference. So much so, that I?ve taught classes at spiritual centers and even taught my children and grandchildren how to use pendulums.

What I can say for certain is that penduluming works for me. I?ve gained confidence in my intuition. I?ve seen powerful changes in my life and in the lives of people for whom I have helped. My hope is that this skill will also help you find answers to some of the difficult questions life can throw our way.

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