The 7 Best Skateparks in NYC

The 7 Best Skateparks in NYC

New York City is and always has been a mecca for skaters who are very proud of their city. There are plenty of places to ride as the city has provided some incredibly gnarly skateparks dotted all around the five boroughs. Whether you?re looking for a spot to learn how to skate or want a new locale to practice some old tricks, these are some of the best skateparks in NYC.

LES Skatepark

One of New York?s finest warm-up spots lies underneath the Manhattan Bridge. LES Coleman Park has a little bit of everything: tranny, ledges, rails, kickers? and an apple. This skatepark has always been a classic but it became quite dirty and worn over time so the remodel was very much needed. They changed the rusty rails and the plastic ramps for cement and marble. It reopened its doors on the 21st June 2012 for the Go Skateboarding Day with attendance from pros like Stefan Janoski, Eric Koston, Clark Hassler and Paul Rodrguez among others and of course, the NY skateboard community. It was constructed thanks to the collaboration of California Skateparks, the skate community advocate who works in design, Steve Rodriguez from 5boro Skateboards and a grant from Nike Gamechangers, as well as the NYC Parks and Recreation Department.

The skatepark at Pier 62 in Hudson River Park is built on top of a pile-supported marine platform and uses structural foam to create the shapes and forms that are typically sculpted in the earth. A rather massive park at 15,000 square feet, it?s nestled at the end of Pier 62 (duh) and features some of the coolestramps and rails this side of California. The whole park is suited for all types, from beginners to hardcore skaters. A uniquely open park in the middle of a metropolis?

Highbridge Skatepark is the largest skatepark in New York City. Opened in 2014, it was deliberately built on a downward slope to help skaters achieve maximum momentum. The park sits directly underneath Hamilton Bridge, so it may be a bit tricky to find at first.

Before Chelsea and the Autumn Bowl was the infamous Owl?s Head Bowl. This park has a large pit style cement street area with pyramids, banks and quarters and there?s also a large cement spine with bowled out corners.

Best skateparks in NYC.

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Tribeca Skatepark

The unique designs incorporate 8,750 sq ft of diverse combination of terrain including stairs, ledges and rails that resemble an actual street plaza. Stone veneer and granite pavers were used in the fine details of the design and offer the park a true ?street feel?. Tribeca Skatepark is one of three New York City skateparks built by California Skateparks.

Designed closely with the skateboard community, this 10,000 square-foot concrete skate park features stairs, rails, ledges, benches, banks, gaps, and transitioned elements in a plaza setting. River Avenue is one of the City?s first skate parks to use traditional New York City Parks materials and references elements from the the city?s past and present.

This 21,500 square-foot skate park provides ample space for maximum flow. Astoria Skate Plaza is a perfect option for Queens skaters who don?t want to go too deep into the borough. There are plenty of open spaces, which means skaters of all skill levels can go at their own speeds without worrying about colliding into one another. There are also plenty of surfaces (stairs, rails, banks and ledges) to practice tricks on.


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