The 4 Types Of Dreams, And How To Start Having More Prophetic Dreams Nightly

The 4 Types Of Dreams, And How To Start Having More Prophetic Dreams Nightly

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Dreamwork is a powerful tool that anyone can use to decode the underlying meaning of what?s happening in their life and grow spiritually.

In Jungian Psychology, dreams are believed to be the way that the unconscious mind speaks to the conscious mind. Basically, dreams act as a metaphor for more significant issues or lessons that you need to learn. We can essentially use our dreams to decode our true feelings for whatever is happening in our lives.

But spirituality suggests that the dream world could actually be a parallel universe, one where we can communicate with the soul realm and learn prophecies.

As the daughter of a clairvoyant mother, it was second nature to record and speak about my dreams from a spiritual standpoint rather than a psychological standpoint, although I think they can have some overlap.

To understand my own dreams, I began writing them down and sharing them with my mother and other friends who also practiced Dreamwork interpretation. Workshopping with others helped me to cultivate an understanding of symbolism in my dreams. I took the work further and began incorporating Dreamwork into my spiritual practice through meditation, astral projection, and other modalities.

As my experience with Dreamwork expanded, so did the types of dreams that I was having. They became more prophetic; soul communication with my guides began to unfold. Ultimately, this helped me see the dream world as just an extension of the 3D world that we live in.

Through my personal experience of dreamwork interpretation I have ended tension with people in my present life through soul communication; I?ve seen people get married and have children before I knew about it in the 3D world; I?ve spoken to my guides and seen angels; I?ve talked to friends? guides in my living room; I?ve chased intruders out of a house I was in. The amount of transformation that can happen for us from dreamworld is genuinely magical and astounding, it just takes practice and commitment to the method.

Through my past five years of dream work, I have developed four styles of dreams that arise, which also fall into alignment with other spiritual teachings of dream categories.

the four types of dreams

random dreams

Dreams where sporadic events occur that are not tied to anything or anyone in your life. You may observe something before going to sleep and then dream about it, without it having any connection or importance to anything in your life.

healing dreams

Healing dreams will bring up different events you are going through in your life past or present as a way to process the emotions that are tied to the event and belief systems that you hold. They won?t feel as though anything with the event has changed externally, but your perception of it might through the dream.

soul communication dreams

Soul communication is when you communicate through the dream world with someone in your life where a conversation needs to be happening that isn?t. It can also be communication with passed loved ones, spirit guides, and your ancestors. When communicating in soul realm with someone who is on our same reality of existence, it is your higher soul selves having a conversation that isn?t able to happen here because of ego and all the implications keeping it from happening. Soul communication will usually have a crucial element that signifies that it is truly soul communication.

prophetic dreams

Prophetic dreams are dreams where you have an experience that has yet to happen in our realm of existence but later happens, where you will experience deja vu from already having seen the result of that experience.

learn more about dreamwork

Curious about how you can begin to start having more prophetic or soul communication dreams on a nightly basis? Join me and the Holisticism community for a virtual workshop to learn more.

In this workshop, we will delve into the 4 categories mentioned above of dream interpretation as well as common symbolism?s that come up in the dream world. We will discuss best practices on how to enhance and strengthen your dream world experience, as well as answer questions on past dreams that you may still be trying to uncover the answers to. It is encouraged that you bring a dream to the workshop that you still have questions on so that we can interpret some of the meaning to the dream through Q+A and meditation.

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If you?d like additional information on Dreamwork from Imani, you can check out her podcast The Woke Mystix: Discovering Dreamwork for more of her personal experiences.


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