The 15 Best CrossFit WODs for Beginners (Part 2)

The 15 Best CrossFit WODs for Beginners (Part 2)

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CrossFit is an intense total body workout designed for individuals of any fitness level. The following workouts are challenging for everyone, but were designed for those who are motivated to get great results, even if they don?t have a whole lot of experience. These workouts can all be modified by reps, rounds, or even equipment (like substituting dumbbells for kettlebells, or medicine balls for weighted plates.

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(If you missed Part 1 with more beginner workouts, check it out here.)

1. Up The Ladder

For time:10 squats20 sit ups20 squats20 push ups30 squats20 sit ups40 squats20 push ups50 squats?

2. Defying Gravity

15 minute EMOM (Complete all reps, every minute on the minute, for 15 minutes.)5 burpees10 jumping lunges5 squats?

3. Feel The Burn

18 min AMRAP (Complete as many reps as possible in 18 minutes)9 Russian twists9 Lunges on plate (L+R=1)9 squats with plate9 sit ups with plate9 mountain climbers (L+R=1)9 pull ups?

4. Black and Blue

30 min AMRAP5 burpees10 25-pound dumbbell shoulder presses (each arm)15 box jumps20 DB 25# front squats25 sit ups300 meter run?

5. All Boxed In

5 rounds:10 35-pound kettlebell goblet squats10 box jumps20 35-pound Russian kettlebell swings20 box jumps?

6. The Burpee Row

500 meter row10 burpees400 meter row15 burpees300-meter row20 burpees 200 meter row25 burpees?

7. Take Your Medicine

3 rounds:20 14-pound medicine ball cleans200 meter row20 14-pound wall balls200 meter row?

8. Road Trip

4 rounds:15 cal bike15 anchored leg raises?

9. Bar Crawl

3 rounds5 Burpees10 70-pound kettlebell deadlift15 Toes-to-Bar?

10. Heart of Gold

21?15?9Pull upsSquatsSit ups?

11. Fast and Loose

10 EMOM3 85-pound barbell deadlifts3 85-pound power cleans3 85-pound front squats3 box jumps to a 20? box?

12. Wicked Game

10 min AMRAP10 burpees10 25-pound dumbbell squats 10 25-pound dumbbell push presses?

13. Ring the Bell

4 rounds:6 box step-ups with a kettlebell10 push ups14 Russian kettlebell swings18 goblet squats ?

14. Quad Goals

2 min- bike2 min ? squats2 min ? bike2 min- push ups2 min- bike2 min- sit ups ?

15. Push, Sit, & Run

400 meter run10 push ups400 meter run10 sit ups400 meter run10 push ups400 meter run10 sit ups?

BONUS WOD: The Grazing Rhino

8 minute AMRAP:6 pull ups6 alternating dumbbell snatches

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