The 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Duos of All time

The 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Duos of All time

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There?s no shortage of duos in Hip-hop, but there are 10 who we believe should be on everybody?s Mt. Rushmore. Get ready for some controversy. Our list has a few of the usual suspects and a couple unexpected picks?

10. Run The Jewels

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Members: El-P, Killer Mike

Is it too early to make this call? Yea? Well, while it?s still early, El-P and Killer Mike make one heck of a team. They represent a new generation of hip-hop duos who do a good job of blending genres and balancing club bangers with socially political commentary.

While El-P handles the bulk of the producer duties, he?s also no slouch as an emcee and provides a great balance for Killer Mike?s often politically charged lyrics. This duo keeps raising the bar with each album; Run The Jewels 4 is going to be insane, and I?m sure that history will look upon El-P and Killer Mike favorably in the next 10 to 15 years.

Standout Records: Banana Clipper, Blockbuster Night Pt. 2, Down, Everybody Stay Calm

9. Gang Starr

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Members: DJ Premier, Guru (RIH)

Of course Gang Starr makes the list. Guru (RIH) and Premo were a revolutionary duo with so many classic records that it would be a travesty to overlook them. While many duos have records or albums that stand the test of time, some duos have material that transcend eras with their popularity. In this case, Gang Starr has provided us with timeless records like Mass Appeal, that are still used today in freestyles, mixtapes etc.

Standout Records: Mass Appeal, Full Clip, Just To Get a Rep, Above The Clouds

8. Method Man & Red Man

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Method Man and Red Man are two of the most electrifying emcees in Hip-hop history. They were also able to transcend culture through other mediums like film, and tv without diminishing their brand or allowing music to take a backseat. Their more recent releases like Blackout 2 spawned singles like Mrs. International and also proved that the two haven?t lost a step. Not only are they incredible solo artists, they are also legends collectively and above all, one of the best duos in rap history.

Standout Records: A-Yo, How High, Y.O.U., Mrs. International, Cereal Killers

7. Mobb Deep

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Members: Prodigy (RIH), Havoc

Shook Ones Part II is arguably one of the best hip-hop songs ever made, and The Infamous resides on many mainstream publications lists of best hip-hop albums ever made; and, rightfully so. Prodigy (RIH)and Havoc are two emcees who encapsulate the look, sound, and feel of New York rap so well that without them New York would be a shell of itself. Heck, without them, where would the entire rap game be?

Standout Records: Shook Ones Part II, Temperature Rising, Quiet Storm

6. The Throne

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Members: JAY-Z, Kanye West

Although The Throne only joined forces for one album their album, Watch The Throne, is better than a lot rappers catalogues. Moreover, consider JAY-Z & Kanye?s solo careers respectively and imagine the shock that occurred in the hip-hop world when they announced a collaboration album. Then, take into account the fact that they actually released said album and its arguably one of the best collabo projects ever, and an instant classic in the books of many rap fans. Should Jay & Ye ever get together for a second Watch The Throne it?s gonna be insane.

Standout Records: N***as in Paris, Otis, The Joy ? Actually, the whole album lol

5. The Clipse

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Members: No Malice, Pusha T

The self-proclaimed pioneers of the coke rap were once heralded as underground savants and eventually found mainstream success with the help of Neptunes. While Pusha provides the often graphic, and cutthroat picture of what the dope game was like, No Malice balanced the landscape with his introspective lyrics and eventually transitioned into a life centered on Christ. While we may never recieve another Clipse album, their catalogue is without question, and the classic Hell Hath No Fury is a favorite of staff.

Standout Records: Lord Willin?, Grindin?, Mr. Me Too, Keys Open Doors, Popular Demand

4. 8 Ball & MJG

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Man, this rap duo? Listen, are you even a hip-hop fan if you?ve never heard Coming Out Hard? 8Ball & MJG are two emcees who?s styles are so distinctively different yet very complimentary. While they aren?t household names to today?s younger generation of rap fans, they are without a shadow of a doubt two of Memphis? best offerings. And, on many ?best of all time? lists you will find their debut album Comin? Out Hard, which like its name suggests, is still one hard album.

Standout Records: Mr. Big, Lay It Down, Comin? Out Hard, You Don?t Want No Drama etc.

3. UGK

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Members: Bun B, Pimp C

UGK is widely acclaimed and highly underrated. But for those who know, they know that Bun B & Pimp C are untouchable emcees. Multiple classic albums come to mind when thinking of UGK, but their magnum opus Ridin? Dirty is a staple in southern rap history, and because of that (and UGK?s Big Pimpin? feature) they are definitely one of the best duos ever.

Standout Records: Pocket Full of Stones, One Day, International Players Anthem, Riding Dirty, The Game Belong to Me

2. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

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Without Chronic & Doggystyle where would Hip-Hop be? Seriously, Dr. Dre is one of the best hip-hop producers of all time, and Snoop Dogg is equally revered amongst emcees. Their longevity is a testament to their skill level and their contributions over the past two decades brought forth a new style of production to the hiphop scene. Not only that, but gangsta rap was popularized (for better or worse) in no small part to the contributions of this duo. Moral objections aside, whenever these Dre & Snoop combine for a record/album the results are always instant classics.

Standout Records: F*ck With Dre Day, Still D.R.E., The Next Episode, Imagine

1. OutKast

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Members: Andre 3000, Big Boi

OutKast is number 1. They?re one of the few groups in Hip-Hop, aside from A Tribe Called Quest, to hit a 4-peat (4 classic albums in a row). And we?re sure that diamond plaque from Speakerboxx/The Love Below is shining bright these days.

Standout Records: Elevators, So Fresh So Clean, Roses, Ms. Jackson, Hey Ya, Ghetto Music, Skew It on the Bar-B

Honorable Mention:

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana

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The world still needs I Can?t Feel My Face.

You disagree with any of our picks? Drop a comment below and let?s debate.

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