Tested and Trusted Ways to Handle Blackmail and the Blackmailer

Tested and Trusted Ways to Handle Blackmail and the Blackmailer

Are you being blackmailed for something true or false? Before you make further move take your time to read through this article.

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Blackmail is one of the oldest tricks viciously used by manipulators to reap from where they haven?t sown, or infuse fear of the unknown on their victims for their selfish quests. To successfully handle blackmail and a blackmailer, you need to, first of all, understand this;

the fear of the unknown is the biggest tool in the blackmailing game.

If you are reading this article because you are in the heat of blackmail, before you read further, pause for one minute! Now take a deep breath, then slowly exhale those fears, desperation, anxiety, and other negative emotions that you might have piled up in the cause of trying to figure things out. Have you done that? Now, keep reading.

Why Me and Why Now?

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I may be wrong, but I have the feeling you are asking yourself, why me and why now? If yes, take a look at these points:

  1. No one ventures into blackmailing you if they don?t know a little or much about your activities and personal identity. So, you are being blackmailed because it?s you.

2. Blackmails come only when you care about making the best decisions of your life, such as; to quit that bad habit. To start up that business or career. To create that personal brand identity. To get married to that love of your life or to do something meaningful with your life. There could be one reason you are blackmailed right now because you are about getting something right. Maybe it is the only, one thing you would have to get right before you exit the universe.

3. Blackmailers have just one goal, and that is to instill fear in you so that he/she can manipulate you to satisfy their selfish quests. The guy(s) blackmailing, you know(s) that you can achieve great things if you put your mind into it. This is why they chose to use you to stop yourself.

4. Blackmail can become an excellent tool for your freedom if you agree with me. That blackmail is coming now because you have lived for so long with that guilt, pains, and terrible feelings. It is time to let go and find the better you.

If you have taken that, let?s look at the four tested and trusted ways to handle blackmail and blackmailers.

There are different degrees of blackmail, just as there are different types of blackmail. However, no matter the degree or type of blackmail you are facing right now, for this article we will take

blackmail as coercion involving threats to reveal either true or false information about a person to the public, the family, friends. It also includes threats of physical harm or criminal prosecution. The blackmailer?s evidence can be true or false but,

the bone of contention in every blackmail be it in a true or a false case is the revelation or exposition of a deed.

We seldom know a blackmailer?s real motive for their actions. Sometimes, the ransom they ask for might not be the exact thing they want, and that is why when you meet the initial demand or request, they still show up with another one.

But what does a Blackmailer want?

If we venture into finding the answer to the above question, we may not get to where we are going; which is, to explore the four tested and trusted ways to handle blackmail and the blackmailer. Therefore, we will not give any blackmailer that leverage to get into our heads in a bid to figure out what he/she wants. The best thing is to figure out a way to tackle it once and for all, and that is what this article will help you do.

Like there are degrees of blackmail, so are their degrees of deeds. It doesn?t matter the degree of what you did or didn?t do. What matters now is that one asshole is making your life hard and unbearable and you must gain your freedom from him or her, here and now whether they have true or false evidence against you.

What to do when the blackmail is a false alarm

The whole truth is this; do nothing if you are being blackmailed for something you did not do. If the blackmailer is threatening to reveal whatever evidence they have to the public, the first thing you should do is to talk to anyone especially family, friends and other allies who might be concerned, disappointed, or affected emotionally by it. After that, ignore them and go about your regular business. If the threat is to reach out to an individual, quickly let the person know about the threats as well. If it involves your life, reach out to the security operatives. The better agency to contact in this case is the FBI, DSS, or your country?s secret security service. Know this;

a blackmailer who is blackmailing you wrongly or with a shred of false evidence is also afraid of being caught if he/she doesn?t get you to be fearful of his/her evidence.

They will do everything to make you keep things to yourself, never do that. The bottom line is, never play along with a blackmailer except you have spoken to trusted people, and there is a plan on ground for your security and defense.

When the blackmail is true?

Come on, sweetheart, I had you in mind when I conceived the idea to write on this topic. Does he or she have authentic evidence against you? Now here are the four tested and trusted ways to deal with it.

Own it up

Like I pointed out above, the only deal in the blackmailing game is fear, fear of the unknown. The only trusted way to conquer that fear is to say it out loud to yourself, yes! I did it! You can mention the crime or deeds and then admit you were wrong. Also, remind yourself that the act was not against the blackmailer. Therefore, he/she has no right to make you pay for it. Then, make up your mind to face whatever will be the consequences. When you conquer the fear by owning it up, you take away his/her leverage, put him/her under your control and get your head cleared so that you can proceed to the next step.

Make peace with yourself

When I said blackmail could be an excellent tool for your freedom, this is what I mean. It is natural to feel guilty, pain, bad, terrible, and restless when we do things we are not proud of doing. I know you might be feeling the same way right now? You may have been good at suppressing these feelings, but now is the time to let it out. Use this opportunity to liberate and make peace with yourself. The blackmailer knows how hard you have tried to run away from this crime or deed. He/she knows you are not proud of yourself for being involved in this mess. They think they will break you and make you their mascot against your wish. Now is the time to prove them wrong.

Image for postMake peace with yourself

You can go somewhere outside your base to sought things out with yourself. You can take a vacation from your work and spend some time with your family and friends or be alone to help you clear all the things in your head and make peace with yourself. Why you did what you did is immaterial at this point. The deed is done. It is time to look at the situation in the eye instead of letting the blackmailer into your head.

Set yourself free from the bad emotions that besiege you each time you remember this particular deed. You need to do this for yourself, family, and all the good people of the world whom you were destined to touch positively before exiting the universe.

Get ready to face the issue and the blackmailer head-on

At this point, Get out of that game. Show the blackmailer you aren?t afraid anymore. In case you had shown weakness earlier, take back your power. And if they are doing anything abusive or illegal, let them know you will go to the police and then follow it through.

Approach the one whom you offended

If you have followed from the beginning of this article, congratulations! Here is the last step that will finally put the blackmailer in his or her place. I know it is difficult, but you need to set yourself free from the guilt and this blackmailer.

Nothing gives more lasting peace than the truth. Please, go in the company of someone whom you must have told about the incident. This is so that they can help calm the situation assuming things get bad. If it is a civil case, get a lawyer, and insist on handing yourself over to the police. You will be judged, yes, that?s what it is supposed to be because you committed a crime or offended someone. You might go to jail, yes! But your soul will find peace, and you will be free from the blackmailer who will only drag you into bigger crimes or mess. The painful thing is that after doing all they want you to do, they will still sell you out. Break yourself out of it by yourself. Know this;

Nothing is new under the sun; the crime or offense you committed has been committed in the past, is still being committed now and will always be committed in the future.

So, stop letting it besiege you, decide to face the consequences today and find a new lease for your life; set yourself free!!!

He that covers his sin will not prosper.

Proverbs 28:13.


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