TERA — The Fastest Way To Get To Level 65

TERA — The Fastest Way To Get To Level 65

After several characters up to Level 65, here is one of the way you can use to max your character?s level. From Level 60, just go with the new Story Quests + Vanguard Quests. If you?re a damager class, you can just solo all quest. But if you?re a healer, either Mystic or Priest, I suggest you party with another damager, just to speed up the process.

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If you finish Story Quests + Vanguard Quests excluding Dungeon Quests, your level should be around 63 and a half. After doing all that, get a party and do the Dungeon Quest. If you hate to grind the new dungeon, just go to Battleground. You can choose between Kumasylum, Corsairs? or the new one Monkeydrome. Due to the importance of Tera Gold, we highly recommend Tera players to buy Tera Gold. How to farm gold in Tera? Our guide will give you some tips and tricks.

The ideal set is received automatically upon reaching 65in the form of a yellow quest in Highwatch. All the 60?65 quests provide is a set of lvl 65 green crystal, healing, aggro, or crit, according to your class. Daily Kumas (uugh) plus vanguard requests, and the dungeons can get you from 60 to 65 in a couple of days without doing any of the story quests. It?s how I did it with almost all of my characters except one.

You can get the Initial armor and jewelry from Bellacarium credits, then when you get to 65, you?ll get a quest that?s basically just talking to Dougal in Highwatch, which will give you the Idoneal. It?s still recommended to do the story quests because they give you weapon shards.

The 60?65 quest grind is boring after doing it once. Killing BAM?s in the level range is kinda a waste of time since they are exponentially stronger than pre-60 BAMS (in HP at least). If you can get a couple other ppl with you to smash them, then it?s good. Dungeon runs are the way to go though? tons of XP, Gear, and Glyphs.

Doing the Velika outskirts quest line along with queuing for dungeons is the fastest way to get to 65. The EXP from those main stories is actually good and it also gives you some decent gear, gold, and vanguard credits to spend when you?re 65. With elite status (on PC anyway), people often make around 8k and 4k credits from those quests alone. When queuing dungeons as well, you generally hit 65 before entering Highwatch (or around that time depending on ques)


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