TBD Meaning: What Does TBD Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What is ?TBD?? What does this texting abbreviation stand for? Learn the definition, usage and other meanings for the internet acronym with interesting conversation examples and ESL infographic.

TBD Meaning

What Does TBD Mean?

?TBD? stands for ?to be determined?.

The most common is ?to be determined?, which is most often used in business settings. However, you may use it in reference to a punishment that you haven?t decided on yet, or on the date to an event. Basically, anything that requires a specific answer that you do not yet know, the answer could be ?tbd?.

Other internet slang words

IDK = I (I) + D (Don?t) + K (Know)

IDKY = I (I) + D (Don?t) + K (Know) + Y (Yet)

DKY = D (Don?t) + K (Know) + Y (Yet)

Other meanings

As just mentioned, ?TBD? can mean a variety of things. The common theme is that the first two words stay exactly the same. Only the ?D? becomes a new word. These are: ?to be decided?, which is more casual than determined and would be more appropriate for a conversation between friends than with coworkers or a boss; ?to be done?; and ?to be deleted?, which is most likely to be used in internet forums or message boards more than a typical day to day conversation. In addition, TBD is a television network that focuses on internet-based content and series, aimed at millennial. It is a subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcast Group and ran by Junkin Media.

Conversation Examples


Here are some examples of how this internet slang word might be used.

Example 1 with ?TBD? meaning ?to be determined?

Speaker 1 : Has the meeting been rescheduled yet? I have not heard anything.

Speaker 2 : tbd by the end of the week.

Speaker 1 : Thanks.

Example 2 with ?TBD? meaning ?to be decided?

Speaker 1 : What time are we going to the movie?

Speaker 2 : tbd

Speaker 1 : What?s the wait?

Speaker 2 : trying to find a babysitter

Example 3 with ?TBD? meaning ?to be done?

Wife : Did you look at the roof yet?

Husband : tbd when I?m through cutting grass

Example 4 with ?TBD? meaning ?to be deleted?

Moderator : Your post violates this company?s standards. Your post is set tbd within 24 hours if you do not make changes.

Other Meanings

To Be Done

Time to Break Down

To Be Developed

To Be Discussed

To Be Defined

There Be Dragons

To Be Deleted

To Be Destroyed

The Big Day

To Be Discontinued

Two Bed Doors

TBD Meaning Infographic

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